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Oh Boots, you've got me again with those little coupons you have delivered through my letter box! This time I treated myself to some more items from Sensationail. For those of you that aren't familiar with Sensationail, it's a do-it-yourself brand that lets you gel your nails at the comfort of your own home! You can buy from the Sensationail website directly or through Boots in store/online. 

My nails are pretty thin, I'm lucky if they grow to a decent length with the help of vitamins and good hand creams. Normal nail varnish chips almost the day after applying it, which over time becomes quite a stressful ordeal for something that is meant to be a final touch to your outfit. About 2 years ago I had gels done on my nails in a nail salon, I absolutely loved the outcome! My nails felt stronger and the colour was meant to last around 2 weeks - perfect! Different nail salons vary in prices, but for a repeat visit - the price can start to add up.

Winter 2014 I discovered Sensationail on a shelf in my local Boots store, after a moment of reading the packaging on several items, I realised I could continue with my gel manicures from the comfort of my own home!  

Over time I've built quite a collection from Sensationail. I began with the starter kit which gives you the essentials to get you going. In my most recent visit to Boots, I purchased a new nail colour, base coat (you can simply use the top coat which also acts as a base coat), and the nail shields - which is a great alternative to soaking your nails in acetone for removal and also less damage on application! 

Usually on application of a gel manicure, you need to file the surface of your nail then apply varnishes etc... With these you just need to attach the correct size to each individual nail then follow on with your nail colour. I've tried and tested these before when they first came out in the UK (I honestly couldn't have gone into the Boots store quick enough!), they work a treat. If applied properly, you can still get your manicure to last up to 2 weeks perfectly. When the time comes that you want to remove your manicure, you soak your nails in warm water (thats right - water!) for an allocated amount of time. The shields then become softer and peelable, making the removing process so quick and far less damaging than using acetone. 

The gel polishes are usually at the retail price of £15, which if you think about it, a one-off manicure can cost £20+! There's numerous glossy shades, with the additional matte top coat and treatment formulas. I've always found gels easy to be removed with a good acetone formula (acetone can be found in standard nail varnish removers) or with the nail shields. I purchased the easy removal base to try without the use of the nail shields, and also to reduce the amount of top coat i'll use over time. Whilst browsing the Sensationail range in my local Boots store, I was pondering on what my new shade of choice should be. In the end I chose 'Macchiato' - I wanted a nude colour that was complimentary with my skin tone, which is fair with pink undertones. I do find that the colour is true to what is shown on the box, so I had high hopes for this shade! 

Do you use Sensationail? What colours or techniques do you use? I'd love to see your recommendations! 

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