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I'm certainly not perfect when it comes to fitness and keeping in tip-top shape, be it diets or exercise. But I really do try to keep my head in the game (no Highschool Muscial reference intended!) to keep me positive and motivated - which at times, feels pretty hard if not impossible to do. I just simply want to share my experience when dealing with body image and trying to become a physically fitter person. I'm by no means an expert in this region - but if this helps just one person, it's worth typing.

An old photo I know, but it was around 2014 I started to embrace my body and how I looked.
I've intended on writing a blog post about this previously, sadly it never made it to being posted online. I'm 23 this year, around the age of 17/18 I really started to struggle with my body image. I was never comfortable with how my hair looked, which led me to continuously dying over it, straightening, curling excessively etc.. Then I felt the issue I had with my body, I struggled to admire what I had. I continuously compared myself to others, accepting the fact that my body was never going to be loveable. 

Source: Urban Dictionary **

Sometimes it can feel like telling an angry person that they shouldn't be angry - that won't be calming them down anytime soon. In a way this feels similar to telling someone that might not be happy with their body that they should be. Of course they should be - everyone deserves to feel absolutely beautiful. 

It can feel incredibly daunting the first time you step into a workout environment like a gym, or even the thought of it can have the same effect. The best piece of advice I can give you, find people around you that only want to cheer you on. Those people need to be the kind of people that love you for you, and simply want you to be happy. It's fun going to the gym with friends, it makes exercising fun and a little less of a 'chore' in the first instance. 

Source: Urban Dictionary **
One thing that drives my motivation is finding fitspiration on social networking, my favourite source being Instagram. Type 'fitspiration' or 'fitspo' in that hashtag search section and BAM motivational posts at your fingertips. These can vary from food pages, fitness pages, and even feel-good pages! If you aren't already following these types of accounts, I recommend doing so. It has certainly helped me over the years. I'm on instagram, you're welcome to see who I follow! But by all means, If there's any accounts out there on the social networking platforms i'm on, comment below with any you recommend!

I find if i'm having a low-feeling day, going on something like instagram can be the real pick-me-up and push I need to go for a run or hit the gym. My friends and I share little tips, meals, workouts, and tricks that we find between us too, so we all remain on track. Like I said, you're friends supporting you makes it fun!

An example of something I found on the internet with use of  those hashtags.
I really hope in some way this post has helped you. I'd like to think over time too I can continue to post other motivational posts or fitness and a healthy life style themed posts. It's taken me a few years to love the body i'm in, every person out there deserves to look at their reflection and think they are beautiful in every way with a smile on their face!

** I decided to use Urban Dictionary for these explanations, simply for the fact that it's everyday people sharing and agreeing on a definition without sounding too formal! 

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