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Apologies for the font being hard to read on the packaging! The bottles have a glass-like casing!
So at the beginning of March I treated my Mum to a spa day for her birthday - also the perfect excuse for some mummy-daughter bonding with a few pampering treats ;) We went to a Bannatyne Spa, our local one being in Luton. I had never experienced a spa before, I was so excited to feel relaxed and pampered for the day! 

After a massage, facial treatment and head massage, I just had to know what products they used on me, my skin felt so soft and clean! I purchased two of the items from the regime they had put together for my skin type, i've brought them home, tried and tested, now i'm going to tell you.

I had an exfoliating facial - which at the time I didn't recall actually feeling a texture like exfoliating beads for example. The thing that interested me the most was the mask was a usual looking liquid...
"This enzyme treatment mask works naturally to remove dead skin cells to reveal a luminous smooth new skin. Enzymes of pineapple and papaya, formulated with Exfolactive, stimulate the skins natural renewal cycle and extracts of Aloe ensure the skin stays hydrated." It's recommended that you pump some of the mask onto your fingertips and massage over the face avoiding the eyes, wait 10 minutes and rinse off. 

RRP £15.99

After using this mask a few times since the spa day, I find that leaving the mask for a shorter amount of time like 5-7 mins, then massaging over your face works better, you can almost feel the dead skin cells move away with your fingertips (sorry if that's a little TMI!) I enjoy using this maybe once a week - any more than that and it might feel like its over exfoliating the skin. 

RRP £9.99
A great product to use after the mask is the Bannatyne Refreshing Cleansing Milk. Simply put a couple of pumps into a cotton pad or cotton ball and wipe all over the face gently until the skin has absorbed it all. 
"A daily cleansing milk designed to remove makeup, excess oils and daily pollutants, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Timecode and Q10 to ensure the skin is left exceptionally clean and rebalanced. Suitable for combination, oily and hormonal skin."

There are other products withing their 'refreshing' skin care range, but I continue on after with products that I already owned for my skin care routine. 

The review:
Other than the fact I'm trying to find any excuse to back to the spa, I really do recommend these products! It's pretty much a way of continuing that refreshed spa feeling treatment at home, plus it's really not a bad price at all! I would definitely consider purchasing more in the future. 

Have you been on spa days before? Or are there amazing products that you use at home to give that spa-like feeling? Let me know!


  1. Thanks for the review. We're at a Bannatyne hotel at the moment and, as it's my birthday, the hotel has actually given me these two products as a free gift. Good to know that they get the thumbs up!

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