Bannatyne - The Spa Collection


Apologies for the font being hard to read on the packaging! The bottles have a glass-like casing!
So at the beginning of March I treated my Mum to a spa day for her birthday - also the perfect excuse for some mummy-daughter bonding with a few pampering treats ;) We went to a Bannatyne Spa, our local one being in Luton. I had never experienced a spa before, I was so excited to feel relaxed and pampered for the day! 

After a massage, facial treatment and head massage, I just had to know what products they used on me, my skin felt so soft and clean! I purchased two of the items from the regime they had put together for my skin type, i've brought them home, tried and tested, now i'm going to tell you.

I had an exfoliating facial - which at the time I didn't recall actually feeling a texture like exfoliating beads for example. The thing that interested me the most was the mask was a usual looking liquid...
"This enzyme treatment mask works naturally to remove dead skin cells to reveal a luminous smooth new skin. Enzymes of pineapple and papaya, formulated with Exfolactive, stimulate the skins natural renewal cycle and extracts of Aloe ensure the skin stays hydrated." It's recommended that you pump some of the mask onto your fingertips and massage over the face avoiding the eyes, wait 10 minutes and rinse off. 

RRP £15.99

After using this mask a few times since the spa day, I find that leaving the mask for a shorter amount of time like 5-7 mins, then massaging over your face works better, you can almost feel the dead skin cells move away with your fingertips (sorry if that's a little TMI!) I enjoy using this maybe once a week - any more than that and it might feel like its over exfoliating the skin. 

RRP £9.99
A great product to use after the mask is the Bannatyne Refreshing Cleansing Milk. Simply put a couple of pumps into a cotton pad or cotton ball and wipe all over the face gently until the skin has absorbed it all. 
"A daily cleansing milk designed to remove makeup, excess oils and daily pollutants, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Timecode and Q10 to ensure the skin is left exceptionally clean and rebalanced. Suitable for combination, oily and hormonal skin."

There are other products withing their 'refreshing' skin care range, but I continue on after with products that I already owned for my skin care routine. 

The review:
Other than the fact I'm trying to find any excuse to back to the spa, I really do recommend these products! It's pretty much a way of continuing that refreshed spa feeling treatment at home, plus it's really not a bad price at all! I would definitely consider purchasing more in the future. 

Have you been on spa days before? Or are there amazing products that you use at home to give that spa-like feeling? Let me know!

MAKEUP 101: Cleaning makeup brushes


If you've followed my blog in the past, you might have already seen a previous 'Makeup 101 - brushes' themed post. If you want to read that please click here. Since then my techniques and products have changed to make cleaning makeup brushes that little bit easier. Since we all know it's a chore that we wish we could avoid! ;)

As a little disclaimer - I am not an expert in skin care etc, this post is simply based on my own level of knowledge mixed with my own experience. 

I'm pretty enthusiastic in making sure my brushes are washed on a regular basis. The thought of spreading and buffing bacteria on my face from product that's been sitting on the brushes for a few weeks scares me! I'm often asked a few questions...

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
I try to clean mine on a weekly basis - worst case scenario every two weeks. Within that two week period though, i'd use something like a baby wipe that I could swirl the brush in to remove some of the product before its next proper wash.

What products do you wash your brushes with?
You can wash your brushes with a number of products. I'd recommend something that has the purpose of cleansing deeply but still being gentle - this is key if you want to prolong the life of your brushes. Either an actual dedicated makeup brush cleaner would work or something like a baby shampoo (I use this in my previous makeup 101 post)

What's an easy technique to remove product from the brushes easily?
Well first, there is the palm of your hand, but depending on how many brushes you need, this can feel like a lot of effort over time. There are also different silicone brush tools that are easily accessible to purchase too. One tool I've used in the past is the Brushegg - these are as little as £1 to buy from places like ebay. 

You pop this little egg over your fingers and you swirl your brush against the different textures on the egg. This is really effective for smaller brushes like eye shadow brushes. For the price that this item is, it's really really great. Although the more time you spend washing brushes (if you have a few of them) your hands do get pretty wet, which means the egg has the tendency to slide off your hand once in a while. 

Then there's my latest discovery - the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette rrp £12.99 - this has made cleaning brushes sooooo much easier! you slot your entire hand through the handle of the palette, which makes it incredbily comfortable for you to clean your brushes. You could either continue using something like baby shampoo to clean your brushes or I have been using the Real Techniques Cleansing gel. You dollop a small amount into the tray, wet the end of your brush under a warm water tap, then swirl it over the different textures in the palette. The bigger the brush, the more you should swirl over the bigger textures, and the same again for smaller brushes etc. 

What would be a good way of drying the brushes?
You need to allow your brushes the time to dry naturally. Forcing the process to be quicker with something like a hair dryer can be really damaging to not only the bristles, but the glue in the brush too. My preference of drying brushes is to roll a hand towel up at one end so the brushes can lean against it at an angle with the heads facing the towel in a downwards motion. This allows any moisture in the barrel to come down and be absorbed by the towel. 

Voila lovely clean and soft makeup brushes! I hope this helps you if you had any questions about this kind of thing. Do you use any particular products for your makeup brushes? Have you tried the Real Techniques brush palette and gel cleanser? Would you like to see the Real Techniques products in a little more detail in the future? 

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I don't think I could ever go back...


Oh Boots, you've got me again with those little coupons you have delivered through my letter box! This time I treated myself to some more items from Sensationail. For those of you that aren't familiar with Sensationail, it's a do-it-yourself brand that lets you gel your nails at the comfort of your own home! You can buy from the Sensationail website directly or through Boots in store/online. 

My nails are pretty thin, I'm lucky if they grow to a decent length with the help of vitamins and good hand creams. Normal nail varnish chips almost the day after applying it, which over time becomes quite a stressful ordeal for something that is meant to be a final touch to your outfit. About 2 years ago I had gels done on my nails in a nail salon, I absolutely loved the outcome! My nails felt stronger and the colour was meant to last around 2 weeks - perfect! Different nail salons vary in prices, but for a repeat visit - the price can start to add up.

Winter 2014 I discovered Sensationail on a shelf in my local Boots store, after a moment of reading the packaging on several items, I realised I could continue with my gel manicures from the comfort of my own home!  

Over time I've built quite a collection from Sensationail. I began with the starter kit which gives you the essentials to get you going. In my most recent visit to Boots, I purchased a new nail colour, base coat (you can simply use the top coat which also acts as a base coat), and the nail shields - which is a great alternative to soaking your nails in acetone for removal and also less damage on application! 

Usually on application of a gel manicure, you need to file the surface of your nail then apply varnishes etc... With these you just need to attach the correct size to each individual nail then follow on with your nail colour. I've tried and tested these before when they first came out in the UK (I honestly couldn't have gone into the Boots store quick enough!), they work a treat. If applied properly, you can still get your manicure to last up to 2 weeks perfectly. When the time comes that you want to remove your manicure, you soak your nails in warm water (thats right - water!) for an allocated amount of time. The shields then become softer and peelable, making the removing process so quick and far less damaging than using acetone. 

The gel polishes are usually at the retail price of £15, which if you think about it, a one-off manicure can cost £20+! There's numerous glossy shades, with the additional matte top coat and treatment formulas. I've always found gels easy to be removed with a good acetone formula (acetone can be found in standard nail varnish removers) or with the nail shields. I purchased the easy removal base to try without the use of the nail shields, and also to reduce the amount of top coat i'll use over time. Whilst browsing the Sensationail range in my local Boots store, I was pondering on what my new shade of choice should be. In the end I chose 'Macchiato' - I wanted a nude colour that was complimentary with my skin tone, which is fair with pink undertones. I do find that the colour is true to what is shown on the box, so I had high hopes for this shade! 

Do you use Sensationail? What colours or techniques do you use? I'd love to see your recommendations! 

Body Image & Fitspiration


I'm certainly not perfect when it comes to fitness and keeping in tip-top shape, be it diets or exercise. But I really do try to keep my head in the game (no Highschool Muscial reference intended!) to keep me positive and motivated - which at times, feels pretty hard if not impossible to do. I just simply want to share my experience when dealing with body image and trying to become a physically fitter person. I'm by no means an expert in this region - but if this helps just one person, it's worth typing.

An old photo I know, but it was around 2014 I started to embrace my body and how I looked.
I've intended on writing a blog post about this previously, sadly it never made it to being posted online. I'm 23 this year, around the age of 17/18 I really started to struggle with my body image. I was never comfortable with how my hair looked, which led me to continuously dying over it, straightening, curling excessively etc.. Then I felt the issue I had with my body, I struggled to admire what I had. I continuously compared myself to others, accepting the fact that my body was never going to be loveable. 

Source: Urban Dictionary **

Sometimes it can feel like telling an angry person that they shouldn't be angry - that won't be calming them down anytime soon. In a way this feels similar to telling someone that might not be happy with their body that they should be. Of course they should be - everyone deserves to feel absolutely beautiful. 

It can feel incredibly daunting the first time you step into a workout environment like a gym, or even the thought of it can have the same effect. The best piece of advice I can give you, find people around you that only want to cheer you on. Those people need to be the kind of people that love you for you, and simply want you to be happy. It's fun going to the gym with friends, it makes exercising fun and a little less of a 'chore' in the first instance. 

Source: Urban Dictionary **
One thing that drives my motivation is finding fitspiration on social networking, my favourite source being Instagram. Type 'fitspiration' or 'fitspo' in that hashtag search section and BAM motivational posts at your fingertips. These can vary from food pages, fitness pages, and even feel-good pages! If you aren't already following these types of accounts, I recommend doing so. It has certainly helped me over the years. I'm on instagram, you're welcome to see who I follow! But by all means, If there's any accounts out there on the social networking platforms i'm on, comment below with any you recommend!

I find if i'm having a low-feeling day, going on something like instagram can be the real pick-me-up and push I need to go for a run or hit the gym. My friends and I share little tips, meals, workouts, and tricks that we find between us too, so we all remain on track. Like I said, you're friends supporting you makes it fun!

An example of something I found on the internet with use of  those hashtags.
I really hope in some way this post has helped you. I'd like to think over time too I can continue to post other motivational posts or fitness and a healthy life style themed posts. It's taken me a few years to love the body i'm in, every person out there deserves to look at their reflection and think they are beautiful in every way with a smile on their face!

** I decided to use Urban Dictionary for these explanations, simply for the fact that it's everyday people sharing and agreeing on a definition without sounding too formal! 

A few NYX items 'fell' in my basket...


** Wipes cobwebs from keyboard, sips from a mug of tea, presses laptop power button **

I guess it's been a while! After some persuasion and a few glasses of wine with the girls, I'm back. I've always enjoyed blogging but struggled with the time I would allow myself to simply blog - this sadly led to a hiatus, but Beautiboe is awake and ready to blog. 

Recently I've taken an incredibly strong liking to NYX Cosmetics since discovering it via Youtube beauty channels and purchasing a few pieces whilst in Germany for crimbo '15. At the moment, I believe the easiest way of purchasing NYX is online via Boots, Selfridges and my personal fave Feelunique - click here if you want 15% off! ♥.

So in my most recent Feelunique splurge, a few NYX Cosmetics items 'fell' into my basket. I ordered (a new found favourite might I say.. ) a few NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream's. I already purchased one due to seeing the shade 'Abu Dhabi' on someone and just needed to know what product it was (oops!). 

I ordered (from left to right) 'Prague', 'Amsterdam' and 'Stockholm'. The soft matte lip creams are a velvety lip cream upon application, which settle to a matte finish with great lasting power! I would recommend before the application of these specific lip products that you exfoliate and moisturise your lips to enhance the look and wear of the lip products. Honestly, I'm becoming obsessed and I know my collection will definitely continue to grow considering they are only £5.50 each. They're handbag friendly, require no lip liner and are beautifully opaque for day or evening wear. 

I find that i'm always one to stick to a single brand of mascara until it sadly discontinues. I took a chance and decided i'll also give a mascara from NYX Cosmetics a shot. My usual preference to a mascara is the plastic bristle wands, whereas the Doll Eye mascara is a usual brush. The application is smooth and does help elongate my eyelashes (woo!), even better that its not difficult to remove either. I'm sure once i've given this product a real trial I'll give a product review or maybe an 'empties' post. 

I just want to say thank-you to all of you that have remained subscribed to this blog, also hello to any new followers I meet!

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