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I suppose we can now safely say that Autumn is here, summer is long gone! The air feels crisper and colder, leaves are changing from green to those beautiful reds, oranges, yellows and browns. I love the fashion come Autumn, wearing layers upon layers, also the colour palettes that are used. One trend that is standing strong is the oh-so warming blanket scarf. 

Blanket scarves are larger than the standard scarf, it can seem a little overwhelming to some people how big they can sometimes unfold to. I find blanket scarves a great fashion accessory, because you can wear it in so many ways! This post features a few snaps of how you can style a blanket scarf, also ways that I've been wearing the blanket scarf! 

The one i'm wearing in this picture you can find here. It's the emerald check blanket scarf from Accessorize - £19.

Details of the other items i'm wearing will be linked at the end of this post! 

My favourite way to wear the blanket scarf is the way that is shown in the final image. Folding it in half to reduce the width but not the length, wrapping it over my shoulders, and wearing a belt around my waist, keeping the scarf in place!

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Monsoon
Boots - Boohoo.com
Belt - ASOS
Jacket - Newlook
Lipstick - Verve by MAC

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  1. I recently bought two blanket scarfs and I love them! I'm pretty boring and just wear them as a shawl or folded and handing over my shoulders! I'll have to try and be more creative like you!



    1. It's definitely fun to experiment a little! X

  2. This outfit is awesome! The kitty is quite cute, too!

    I've nominated you for a liebster award! http://plaidandtartan.com/2014/10/liebster-award/

  3. Soo cool! Love your OOTD, it's super cute! You have really good style:)

    xx. Annie


  4. we're glad we live on the other side of the equator and currently enjoying summer! love the dark lips by the way!

    M + K

  5. Love the photos! this has give me some ideas instead of just wearing it as a scarf!


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