MAKEUP 101: Cleaning makeup brushes


I love seeing all of these makeup tutorials out there on the internet, so much inspiration can be found with new tips and tricks always creeping their way onto my phone or laptop screen. One thing that comes to my mind is that behind all these tutorials and techniques there is a makeup 101, or makeup basis you could say that should always be followed! In this case, keeping your makeup brushes clean. 

Everyday you are using makeup products on the bristles of those brushes and everyday you add more to the brush which then gets applied to your skin. Everyday that passes by, bacteria gathers on the brushes. Especially when you have a few spots on your skin, the brush becomes contaminated and spreads the bacteria of the spots across your skin - leaving you with even more spots. 

Ideally I wash my makeup brushes once a week - it tends to fall on a sunday when I sometimes have a lazy-no-makeup-day. I clean the majority (if not all) of my makeup brushes, even if there's a few that I haven't used since the last wash, because they could have been sitting there gathering dust. (I have them all in a little pot on my bedroom table, they only tend to go in a makeup bag when i'm travelling!

I give them a good clean with a gentle shampoo or baby shampoo which you can easily pick up from a superstore or drugstore. Normally I go for the Johnsons baby shampoo as you can see in the above picture. By all means you can use something a little more to your preference, but I just like the smell of this one! haha!

I just squidge a dollop of baby shampoo on my fingertips, wet the brush with warm water and then swirl it around gently. You'll notice that the makeup will come off the bristles pretty easily. once the brush looks like its usual clean state, rinse under warm water again until the liquid running from it becomes clear and all of the suds are out. Depending on what makeup product you had on the brush ie. foundation, you might need to repeat this. Don't fret though, just use a little less shampoo than what you did the first time, and repeat the rinsing process.

Once a brush is clean, I lay it on my radiator to air dry. Don't worry, I don't turn it on! Usually they take the majority of the day to dry completely, but if you are pushed for time, you can always carefully brush them in circular motions against a soft dry cloth to help speed up the process. Depending how many brushes you have or perhaps how many you were wanting to clean up, this can take some time to complete. But it's really important that you don't let the product build up get to ghastly on your brushes, otherwise it'll become a bacteria party and you'll definitely have spots along as party crashers!  


  1. Thanks for this, great tips!

    I really need to clean my brushes more often!

    beautysaveuk ♥

    1. It's a good way of keeping your skin clear and happy! xx

  2. Great post :) I definitely need to start washing my brushes more regularly x

    beauty & fashion blog:

    1. It's always handy, also your makeup will apply to your skin so much better x

  3. Thank you for this. I always end up just buying new.

    Not anymore x

  4. wow, amazing tips, cant wait to try this. Thanks for sharing this !

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