Accessorizing yourself this Autumn


1. Knitted Faux Fur Trim Poncho - Accessorize £35
2. Velvet Scrunchies - Miss Selfridge  £5 each
3. Burgundy Touch Screen Gloves - Urban Outfitters £10
4. Classic Leather Satchel - Topshop £30 (was £65*)
5. Black Frill Trim Umbrella - Newlook £7.99

Those of us out there are finally letting go of those last glimpses of summer and now fully embracing these colder months (I've been one of those people!). The things I love about Autumn are the colours and the opportunity to layer up for the colder season. Colours become darker and richer, navy blues, emerald greens, lets not forget the oh-so-popular burgundy. I've put together a few things that are sitting on my wishlist right now to add to my autumnal wardrobe. 

Ponchos and wrap-overs are making a return this autumn. So many lovely colours and stitching patterns yet the simplicity of black wins me over every time. What I really like about this particular poncho from Accessorize is that the faux fur collar is detachable. It gives the item more diversity - considering its plain in comparison to others! Personally I'd wear it around the house or even more comfortably indoors without the collar attached, but the grey collar finishes it off with that warming autumnal feeling.

I think i'm going scrunchy mad recently. There's nothing i've been enjoying more than having a messy 'top-knot' in my hair that's being hugged by one of these velvety bad boys! I'm not sure what it is about them, I think it reminds me of when I was a little girl!

I'm so undecided about gloves this season! *puts hand in the air* I admit i'm the type of gal thats always 'near' my phone - shall I say? I suppose it's force of habit from spending years in a previous job working for a mobile phone network... I find touch screen gloves so handy yet some are just so ugly! I'm not a big fan of neon pinks and purples - especially with knitted winter wear. I think these are such a lovely colour, easily pairable with matching coloured scarves and knitted bobble hats. These are a definite must this year for my freezing cold hands.

So doing a bit of window shopping (as you do!) on Topshop's website and I happily stumbled across this leather satchel. I think satchels are a timeless fashion accessory, even better when you can get a leather one for such a bargain price! (**Currently on sale at the timing of this post.) 

If you live in the good ol' UK like I do. You'll know it rains - a lot! A cute little handbag friendly umbrella is an essential this time of the year. I like to keep it simple but stylish with a black umbrella with a simple frill detail. 


  1. loving the jacket and bag! nice pick hun

  2. great poncho!


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