WAYS TO WEAR - The Blanket Scarf


I suppose we can now safely say that Autumn is here, summer is long gone! The air feels crisper and colder, leaves are changing from green to those beautiful reds, oranges, yellows and browns. I love the fashion come Autumn, wearing layers upon layers, also the colour palettes that are used. One trend that is standing strong is the oh-so warming blanket scarf. 

Blanket scarves are larger than the standard scarf, it can seem a little overwhelming to some people how big they can sometimes unfold to. I find blanket scarves a great fashion accessory, because you can wear it in so many ways! This post features a few snaps of how you can style a blanket scarf, also ways that I've been wearing the blanket scarf! 

The one i'm wearing in this picture you can find here. It's the emerald check blanket scarf from Accessorize - £19.

Details of the other items i'm wearing will be linked at the end of this post! 

My favourite way to wear the blanket scarf is the way that is shown in the final image. Folding it in half to reduce the width but not the length, wrapping it over my shoulders, and wearing a belt around my waist, keeping the scarf in place!

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Monsoon
Boots - Boohoo.com
Belt - ASOS
Jacket - Newlook
Lipstick - Verve by MAC

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MAKEUP 101: Cleaning makeup brushes


I love seeing all of these makeup tutorials out there on the internet, so much inspiration can be found with new tips and tricks always creeping their way onto my phone or laptop screen. One thing that comes to my mind is that behind all these tutorials and techniques there is a makeup 101, or makeup basis you could say that should always be followed! In this case, keeping your makeup brushes clean. 

Everyday you are using makeup products on the bristles of those brushes and everyday you add more to the brush which then gets applied to your skin. Everyday that passes by, bacteria gathers on the brushes. Especially when you have a few spots on your skin, the brush becomes contaminated and spreads the bacteria of the spots across your skin - leaving you with even more spots. 

Ideally I wash my makeup brushes once a week - it tends to fall on a sunday when I sometimes have a lazy-no-makeup-day. I clean the majority (if not all) of my makeup brushes, even if there's a few that I haven't used since the last wash, because they could have been sitting there gathering dust. (I have them all in a little pot on my bedroom table, they only tend to go in a makeup bag when i'm travelling!

I give them a good clean with a gentle shampoo or baby shampoo which you can easily pick up from a superstore or drugstore. Normally I go for the Johnsons baby shampoo as you can see in the above picture. By all means you can use something a little more to your preference, but I just like the smell of this one! haha!

I just squidge a dollop of baby shampoo on my fingertips, wet the brush with warm water and then swirl it around gently. You'll notice that the makeup will come off the bristles pretty easily. once the brush looks like its usual clean state, rinse under warm water again until the liquid running from it becomes clear and all of the suds are out. Depending on what makeup product you had on the brush ie. foundation, you might need to repeat this. Don't fret though, just use a little less shampoo than what you did the first time, and repeat the rinsing process.

Once a brush is clean, I lay it on my radiator to air dry. Don't worry, I don't turn it on! Usually they take the majority of the day to dry completely, but if you are pushed for time, you can always carefully brush them in circular motions against a soft dry cloth to help speed up the process. Depending how many brushes you have or perhaps how many you were wanting to clean up, this can take some time to complete. But it's really important that you don't let the product build up get to ghastly on your brushes, otherwise it'll become a bacteria party and you'll definitely have spots along as party crashers!  

Beauty Advent calendars to look out for this Christmas


Yup, I did it. I dropped the 'C-Bomb' and it's still October. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas and the buzz of the festive spirit you see everywhere. Christmas hits home for me as soon as it strikes December 1st. We are all familiar with Christmas Advent calendars that seem to sneak on the shelves as soon as summer seems to come to an end.  This year I've shown more interest into the world of beauty and have been browsing the lines of various beauty advent calendars.  There were a few that caught my eye.... *hint hint to anyone who fancies to purchase me one ;)* Just because I don't want to spoil any surprises, so i've tried to show pictures of the calendars without the products on show. By all means browse the websites since they specify what products are included! x

Benefit - £60
"It's never been for fun to countdown to gorgeous"
I love Benefit Cosmetics as much as the next gal, seeing this advent brings me joy and sadness. The joyful part being that a girl can never have too big a makeup and cosmetics collection, but sadness due to the fact that it's out of stock on their website *sob sob*.

This is an exciting one for you nail polish lovers out there! Ciate have released a calender that surprises you with 17 mini nail polishes from their popular colour collection, 5 mini textured polishes, one full size paint pot as well as some exclusive festive nail stickers! Ah! How could you not be excited for this? I'd want to paint my nails everyday to match the new colour (whilst trying to shrug off the thought of how bad it must be for your nails to switch up your polish so frequently!).

"Count down to Christmas with skin-loving style!" Ah i'm a big big fan of skincare especially when it comes to facial skincare. This is another advent calendar i'd know i'd love to have! You get a real variety of products with this calendar, ranging form skin care, makeup, bath and pamper products! To add to that feel-good-factor, if you purchase this Christmas treat from Bodyshop, either via their website or in store. Bodyshop have teamed up with War Child - which is a Global charity for children that have been affected by war, to grant them the wish of education. Bodyshop have selected gifts this year from their gifting range, that once purchased "no matter how big or small", it will enable a child to have a chance with education by attending a class. Now isn't that heart warming for this festive season? :) By all means click the link to the Bodyshop website to find out more information. 

There are many more out there, many different brands. I kind of wish I could have all of them. But alas, i'll be giving up the chocolate calendar to hopefully get my hands on one beauty calendar this year!

Accessorizing yourself this Autumn


1. Knitted Faux Fur Trim Poncho - Accessorize £35
2. Velvet Scrunchies - Miss Selfridge  £5 each
3. Burgundy Touch Screen Gloves - Urban Outfitters £10
4. Classic Leather Satchel - Topshop £30 (was £65*)
5. Black Frill Trim Umbrella - Newlook £7.99

Those of us out there are finally letting go of those last glimpses of summer and now fully embracing these colder months (I've been one of those people!). The things I love about Autumn are the colours and the opportunity to layer up for the colder season. Colours become darker and richer, navy blues, emerald greens, lets not forget the oh-so-popular burgundy. I've put together a few things that are sitting on my wishlist right now to add to my autumnal wardrobe. 

Ponchos and wrap-overs are making a return this autumn. So many lovely colours and stitching patterns yet the simplicity of black wins me over every time. What I really like about this particular poncho from Accessorize is that the faux fur collar is detachable. It gives the item more diversity - considering its plain in comparison to others! Personally I'd wear it around the house or even more comfortably indoors without the collar attached, but the grey collar finishes it off with that warming autumnal feeling.

I think i'm going scrunchy mad recently. There's nothing i've been enjoying more than having a messy 'top-knot' in my hair that's being hugged by one of these velvety bad boys! I'm not sure what it is about them, I think it reminds me of when I was a little girl!

I'm so undecided about gloves this season! *puts hand in the air* I admit i'm the type of gal thats always 'near' my phone - shall I say? I suppose it's force of habit from spending years in a previous job working for a mobile phone network... I find touch screen gloves so handy yet some are just so ugly! I'm not a big fan of neon pinks and purples - especially with knitted winter wear. I think these are such a lovely colour, easily pairable with matching coloured scarves and knitted bobble hats. These are a definite must this year for my freezing cold hands.

So doing a bit of window shopping (as you do!) on Topshop's website and I happily stumbled across this leather satchel. I think satchels are a timeless fashion accessory, even better when you can get a leather one for such a bargain price! (**Currently on sale at the timing of this post.) 

If you live in the good ol' UK like I do. You'll know it rains - a lot! A cute little handbag friendly umbrella is an essential this time of the year. I like to keep it simple but stylish with a black umbrella with a simple frill detail. 

My new tea tree favourite...


If you've either got troubled skin or you are just wanting to keep away blemishes, tea tree will always be a friend to your skin. So when you have a face mask lover (like myself!) finding a tea tree one is a bonus! 

Tea tree is known rather widely across the skin care world. It helps to heal and soothe the skin. For those of you who aren't too familiar or are new to these types of products, tea tree is a non-harsh treatment for blemishes. Perfect if you have sensitive skin!

The Bodyshop have a wide range of products that fall in their tea tree collection, i'm sure you'll find the perfect product to fit into your skin routine - cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers and masks!

I enjoy using face masks a few times a week on my skin. Probably 3/4 mornings/nights a week (using different varieties though!) This one is great for when my skin feels congested or is in need of a nice deep cleanse! 

One thing I love about this mask is that it's non-drying. It's not like a clay face mask that dries and crackles on the skin. Smooth a layer over clean skin, avoiding the eye area and lips (you might find the menthol in the mask is a little too much for those areas). Even though that can happen, is still suitable for sensitive skin! I'd just want to say, depending on your sensitivity just be cautious on your first use. I'd recommend popping into your local Bodyshop and ask for a sample amount before you purchase. I really enjoy the smell of tea tree regardless, but this isn't too over powering like how some face masks can be. The mask itself costs £10 but a little really does go a long way. Keeping it in a cool dry place will also prolong its shelf life! £10 might seem pricey, but the Bodyshop usually have promotions on their website or through a third party voucher website/app! I really recommend this if you haven't yet tried it, your skin will feel refreshed! You can click this link to view the face mask on the bodyshop website!

Is there anything you would recommend for blemished skin that works a treat?

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