What I wore.. #1 Birthday Edition


I've been a little excited to share with you all my outfit of choice for my 21st birthday. Sad I know, but I really liked how I looked (I realise by saying that, I sound incredibly vain.... ah!) which has resulted in me writing this post! 

So here is a typical 'pre-party outfit photo' before all of the dancing began.

I told myself before having pulled an outfit together, that I wouldn't buy myself another black dress.. I wouldn't purchase another pair of black heels, and I would try buying a new style of dress. At least I managed to get one thing right? haha! Before that night i'd never worn a bodycon dress before simply due to body confidence issues etc. Long story short i've lost weight over the last few years (i'll be blogging about this very soon!) and now i'm a whole lot happier with my appearance!

- With the Naked 2 palette I used the metal grey colour called 'Pistol' and the neutral colour to it's left ' Suspect' to create a smokey eye without being too harsh on the eyes. Pairing this with the Eylure lashes (which may I say, I was very impressed with and I think I'll continue using individual lashes from now on. They're a little tricky to get used to first, but the pay off is lush!) 

I tried keeping the look mature, but also a little fancy aha! Also very impressed with how long I was in my heels for throughout the night! ;) 


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