LMB July Edition


A little belated I know, but better late than never! 
So for July I decided to pick out the 2nd option of the July beauty box from LoveMeBeauty

If you haven't already joined LoveMeBeauty, why not click this link here to join in on the fun! 

First sighting of this product, I really wasn't wowed or even thought of looking at this first to be honest. I'm not sure if it is because the packaging is rather plain? Don't think of this product as a negative item though. I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of this brow powder! The packaging itself feels sturdy, it's small enough to fit in a small makeup bag and also includes the bonus but necessary feature - a mirror! Absolutely perfect for travelling! The darker powder suits my brows due to having naturally dark brown hair, i'm sure i'll find use of the lighter colour. 

I am the type of girl that loves a good mascara, its such a staple product. I usually prefer plastic brushes, but I was willing to give this one a whirl. I liked the shiny gold packaging, it gives the product a little more of a premium feel. Whilst pumping the wand (only a couple of times) on its first application, it felt like the pressure was building up in the tube. Yep I was right.. 

I was so relived to not have it spill over my white bed sheets! But oh my, what on earth?! This immediately put me off the product, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to trying out the formula! If I had paid just under £15 for this mascara, i'd definitely be regretting this as a purchase. This gets a big thumbs down from me. If you got the box for July, did you get this issue?

I'm really getting into shimmery eyeshadows as of late, add in a pop of mascara and it just makes a difference from having that daily cat-eye look. Bliss is a lovely warm neutral colour, really buildable with other shadows, or perfectly cute on its own. The colouring is nice and pigmented, I tend to wear an eyelid primer when I wear any shadows on - just so they don't crease or slip and slide. 

Ah, this colour just looks so pretty doesn't it! The thing I like about liquid lipsticks is that it's the best of both (lipstick and lipgloss) in one, it's less to pack if you're out and about on your travels!

Ahh, sorry for the blur though this! 
Ever since I had a little painful (physically and mentally!) accident with a set of eyelash curlers i've always wanted longer, thicker, stronger lashes without needing to resort to eyelash extensions. On a clean and makeup free eyelid, you run this across your lash line and leave the product to nourish and condition. 

I am a big fan of a hot cup of tea, if you follow my personal twitter you'll probably be aware of this by the amount that I tweet about the stuff! What caught my eye with this particular tea range is that this one is low in caffiene. The idea being that if it really is the early hours of the morning, this tea won't disturb your sleeping patterns. 

Do you get beauty boxes? I'd love to know what you think of them! 


  1. It is a shame that the Flutter Mascara turned out bad...hope the rest will make up for it!

  2. That shadow colour is stunning! x

  3. Wow I didn't even know this existed. Thanks for sharing, looks like a fab little box.
    Absolutely loving your blog! Following on GFC & bloglovin. Would loved it if you checked my latest post out :) xx


    1. aww thanks sweet. I recommend signing up for this! x


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