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How are we all? So i'm back again with another Love Me Beauty box opening! I'm really enjoying this beauty box subscription at the moment. I'm finding so many new brands for such a bargain price of £12.95 each month! The idea is that there is a selection of boxes available each month, you simply select the one that has the items of your interest in it! (No one would want to receive something that they wouldn't simply want eh?). 

So what did I get in my August Beauty Box?

This is a super blendable eyeshadow in a really wearable neutral shade. Looks great to be worn alone, or mixed in with other coloured shadows. By having this as a loose powder in a pot, wet application of the product (via a wet makeup brush) will create more of a dramatic and intense eyelid, in comparison to using a dry sweeping motion over the eyelid which will create a subtle smokey application. 

Even though the skin around my area isn't necessarily gasping for wrinkle remedies, there's no harm in nipping wrinkles in the bud? eh? I'm only kidding, even though it does do the skin around your eye area good when you take care of it. I've been using this product now for the last week or so, in hope that not only does it have an effect on wrinkles around the eye area, but maybe nourishing the skin enough to help reduce my dark circles! The product has a metal rollerball for application, which creates a 'cooling' feeling when its used to massage into the skin. I'm pleased with this product so far, my skin feels really moisturized! 

This is a typical pretty pink lip liner. I find a pink lipstick is the most wearable colour for myself to wear on a day to day basis. This colour is perfect to match up with one of my favourite MAC lipsticks "please me" and also my favourite MAC Cremesheen lipgloss "superb". Lip liner hasn't necessarily got to add more of a dramatic defined line on your lips, but it really does make a difference in making your lipstick look great!

I love the idea of this product. It's just a shame i'm a brunette, this colour will just throw my eyebrows out of the norm in comparion to my hair colour. The last thing any girl wants is to have them look worse than they do without having their brows filled in! (Mine aren't the thickest of brows, they need a little beauty help!) The product overall looks pretty good, with a fine felt nib for easy and neat application. 

This was a little surprise in my beautybox, because I didn't expect it at all! I'm a culprit for purchasing hand creams and never using them as much as I should do. The smell of this smells really appealing. I hate coming across certain hand creams and they just smell of plasticy nothingness, sometimes a subtle scent really can change my mood towards using hand creams or not!

That's it for August! Do you order Beauty Boxes on a monthly basis? I'd love to know! 

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