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How are we all? Wow, it's really felt like one of those 'long time, no speak' situations. I'm sorry guys! I just became so busy with work and celebrating my 21st with friends and family - time was flying by! Anywhoo, i'm back (again!) and my organisation will be better. I've planned out my next few upcoming posts and i'm brain storming for new ideas too. I'm always open to what you guys would like to read on here. So do leave suggestions!

Whilst writing this little post today, it's dawned on me how much I really do enjoy blogging. I feel its a form of release, I can write and say what I want. Even if it just seems like i'm rambling on at times! I've definitely missed it, also reading your posts everyday. 

This will be one of those easy to read posts, just a little catch up i suppose. So you want to know what i've been up to? I booked the week off work last week to spend time with friends and family to celebrate my 21st birthday. I'm sure i'll get to the age where booking the week off for my birthday will become a little too excessive. But for now, I'm longing it out for as long as I can! Ha! Keep an eye out for upcoming posts here about what I did. I don't want to be leaking too much now - otherwise what will you have to look forward to? ;)

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