I've turned 21!


On the 13th August I finally turned 21! woo! Actually as snazzy as it sounds, I was having a think about turning 21. What does it mean to me? Does it really make a difference? I had a bit of a ponder on the web and found a few things that made me chuckle - Like this! 

The past few years, I've always wanted to make the most out of my birthdays. I cheekily try to stretch it to a week (or longer if possible! ahaa!) Here are some snaps of what I got up to. 

M&M WORLD. Unsurprisingly smells of one huge bag of M&M's..
Of course you need to pay an uneccessary price to get personalised M&M's!

Pouty Mc Pout Pout

For those of you who might follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen this image. Long story short, green is my favourite colour and M&M World has a dedicated 'Ms Green' room! heheheee...

Had to pinch this picture off my mum, facebook has ruined the resolution!
My Mum took me to Tiffany's in London for my birthday, to pick out something for my 21st. Want to see what it was? Click click. Want to see which one it was?

If these images weren't obvious enough, my mum and her boyfriend took me to the Hard Rock Cafe in London. Those of you who know me, know that I love food. Yes, the rack of ribs were all for me. mwahaaa
(May I also suggest the 'Pickled Tink' cocktail for my cocktail lovers out there - mmmm!

My boyfriend also came down from Scotland during the week, I loved being able to see him for my birthday. He stayed down south for a few days and we got to spend time together, bake, go to the cinema, play video games and watch The Lego Movie ♥. 

After a haircut, a bit of shopping with my friend Fiona, and a few stressed out party organising moments later. I was ready to celebrate with my friends and family together for my 21st. I loved having my family around me and seeing everyone dancing and smiling. The same with my friends too. I was left smiling all night. 

Cheeky (cropped) outfit photo pre-dancing and celebrations!
Considering I told myself I wouldn't purchase anything new to wear for my party, I failed miserably at keeping the temptation at bay. I'll be putting together a 'what I wore' post very very soon for those of you who would like to know! 

This is terribly cheesy, but i've most definitely had the best birthday ever so far. I have truly been spoilt by my friends and family with gifts. Including numerous bottles of champagne and chocolate! ♥♥ xxxx


  1. happy belated birthday kate! sounds like you had an amazing day, and had some amazing presents :) x
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