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So this post is a little different from my others but I felt like this was worth a share. I'm sure you have all seen the #icebucketchallenge videos across Youtube and other forms of social networking. For those of you that haven't it's worth a search on the internet to understand. In summary people are nominating others to pour a bucket of icy water over their heads then passing on the message. Creating a 'snowball effect' social networking chain. Videos went viral and people were enjoying the fun and banter when forwarding on the chilly challenge. 

Something that floated about my mind was.. I wonder how many people even know where this challenge originated from? I wonder if they know why they're doing it? (hopefully to spread awareness to the cause and simply not to show off in front of a camera). How many people are aware of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. An American baseball player in the 1930's for the New York Yankees. He unfortunatley was diagnosed with the disease and died at the age for 37. Or another term for the illness is MND - Motor Neurone Disease)? Lots and lots of questions. At the same time though I wanted to learn more.

What is ALS/MND?
"Motor neurone disease occurs when specialist nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurones stop working properly. Motor neurones control important muscle activity, such as: gripping, walking, speaking, swallowing, and breathing." - Source
I found this video on my facebook. Instantly it took my interest and I watched it. 
As sad as it is to say. I never knew who this man was. I'm not wise in the sporting world. I couldn't even tell you who plays for my home football team! I now know him as one of the co-founders of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Pete wanted to create awareness for ALS, he even tell you that he's a 'positive guy' from that linked video, rather than letting it get the better of him, he's caught attention with this movement. 

There was also one other video. This one had really touched my heart, still leaves me with goosebumps. Please if you have simply a few minutes spare (maybe you're reading this whilst waiting for the kettle to boil over for your late night cup of coffee, or simply browsing about on the web on your smartphone) this one is really worth the watch. It'll give you all kinds of emotions. Maybe it'll open up your eyes too. 

This is Anthony Carbajal...

Regardless if you watched the video just then or not. Every time I watch it, I become all glossy eyes with tears ready to fall down the sides of my cheeks, and also goosebumps up my arms. This seems to have really cradled my attention, and if anything has inspired me to pass on the message.

Funnily enough at work today, I was talking to a couple of the girls I work with. Asking them if they'd seen any recent ice challenge videos that were worth sharing. After hearing their response, I began telling them what i'd seen with these two videos. Luckily enough the store wasn't too busy that I had the change of pinching a couple of minutes to talk away with. Out of the corner of my eye I kept on noticing a lady was admiring the clothes in store, but at the same time she'd stop to look over at me with another lady by her side. I was wanting to assume that the lady was just overhearing me talk (I can sometimes really ramble on with things..).

Upon serving her in the till area she politely asked me if I could repeat to her all that I had spoken about with my colleagues. She was curious from overhearing me talk. I told her again about the videos and the lack of research that there seems to be with ALS due to funding etc. I repeated the symptoms that you get - simply from what I had learnt in the previous video. I really hoped I portrayed the emotion that Anthony showed me. Once again I gave myself goosebumps whilst talking about my experience learning about ALS. 

The thing that made me smile is that the lady said she had never heard of this illness before. She really showed sympathy towards anyone who might have been diagnosed. She politely asked me if I knew anyone (hence my interest in forwarding this kind of information). I don't. Other than the two gentlemen that feature in this blog post today. I now understand how rare the illness is but also how scary it must be to have it. 

I cannot simply imagine what emotions you would experience knowing that your time will end. Of course it happens at some stage in life, but the relaxing thought is that we don't know. Life isn't completely black and white on a sheet of paper. No one should need to suffer in silence, considering how many voices there are that can make a difference.

Thank you for reading x

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