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It's got to the point that I woke up this morning and took a glance around my room. It's dawned on me that I have so many things that I either do not wear/watch/use anymore and those items are just taking up space. A friend of mine suggested that I try out an app for smartphones called Depop. I'm used to selling things on eBay, but I feel like it's not a selling site specific for what I want to sell. Or perhaps i'm just not great at it! 

Why not follow this link to follow me or simply search for 'katehumphrey13' to find me on there?

I'd love to follow those of you back too. I love having a good browse on selling sites like this. Do many of you use Depop I'd love to know x


  1. I've never heard of Depop before but I will definitely be checking it out! I need to de-clutter!
    Bonjour Emily

  2. I love this app
    Lots of great bargains on their :)
    Rachel XX


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