The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag!


Whilst browsing the good ol' internet... (I guess you could say I was procrastinating). I stumbled across this wonderful tag that seemed to fit my current situation. So here we go!

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
Moisturising. I'm one of those girls that complains about dry skin, has numerous tubs and bottles of moisturiser and body butters, yet never seems to find the time or motivation to moisturise. My poor legs so pasty and dry! I need to snap myself into the habit of doing this!

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?
I dread the thought of spreading bacteria all over my face. I like to wash my brushes on a weekly basis. I'm thinking of writing a blog post very soon with my preferred method at the moment to get my makeup tools squeaky clean! I have no idea how some people (I've seen on youtube for example) can use makeup brushes that are so dirty with foundation, that the bristles look like they're coated in a thick layer of wet paint!

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
I hate to say it, but I can pretty much last until the paint has grown off aha! I can be lazy with my nails. Although I do cheat a little by trying to pick off the last little bits that are too stubborn to come off on their own.

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
Hmm, this depends on what the product is that needs replacing. I can live without things like foundation. But staple products like concealer and mascara i'd buy backups, just in time for the products to become used up.

5. What is your worst beauty habit?
I don't bite my nails, but I have a habit of biting the skin around my finger tips - especially when the skin is dry, or if i'm nervous/anxious about something. My mum and my nan both do it too. I'm sure it's something i've picked up from them over the years aha! It gets to the stage though that the skin around my nails becomes sore and I have to plaster my hands in hand cream.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
I wish I was a tidier person, I really do. I seem to struggle with keeping my room tidy and organised. Yet the shop I work in, I can suddenly be on a complete cleaning frenzy in there! Breaking bad habits is hard, but when i'm tired, I become rather lazy! :(

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
I don't take forever to get ready, but I do enjoy taking my time (if i have it to spare) perhaps putting on a hair mask and face mask, paint my nails, complete a longer skin cleansing routine, and then applying my makeup without having to rush. No one likes a bodged up cat eye! Especially when those feline flicks are off skew from one another. >.<!

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Oooooh I wish I could. I really need to sort out my spending though and become a bit more of an 'adult' when it comes to how I spend and save my money.

9. How organized is your make-up and nail polish collections?
This is something that I sadly find therapeutic. I enjoy keeping my makeup collection and nail varnish collection tidy and in order. You probably wouldn't believe this considering I lack in the tidy and organised department! I'm good as well, if I've had something for a little too long, i'll throw it out!

Well thats it for the Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag! I choose to tag anyone who wishes to procrastinate with me, also Grace at One Mulberry Bag, and Laura at Beautysaveuk - why not follow them too! 

LMB - August Edition


How are we all? So i'm back again with another Love Me Beauty box opening! I'm really enjoying this beauty box subscription at the moment. I'm finding so many new brands for such a bargain price of £12.95 each month! The idea is that there is a selection of boxes available each month, you simply select the one that has the items of your interest in it! (No one would want to receive something that they wouldn't simply want eh?). 

So what did I get in my August Beauty Box?

This is a super blendable eyeshadow in a really wearable neutral shade. Looks great to be worn alone, or mixed in with other coloured shadows. By having this as a loose powder in a pot, wet application of the product (via a wet makeup brush) will create more of a dramatic and intense eyelid, in comparison to using a dry sweeping motion over the eyelid which will create a subtle smokey application. 

Even though the skin around my area isn't necessarily gasping for wrinkle remedies, there's no harm in nipping wrinkles in the bud? eh? I'm only kidding, even though it does do the skin around your eye area good when you take care of it. I've been using this product now for the last week or so, in hope that not only does it have an effect on wrinkles around the eye area, but maybe nourishing the skin enough to help reduce my dark circles! The product has a metal rollerball for application, which creates a 'cooling' feeling when its used to massage into the skin. I'm pleased with this product so far, my skin feels really moisturized! 

This is a typical pretty pink lip liner. I find a pink lipstick is the most wearable colour for myself to wear on a day to day basis. This colour is perfect to match up with one of my favourite MAC lipsticks "please me" and also my favourite MAC Cremesheen lipgloss "superb". Lip liner hasn't necessarily got to add more of a dramatic defined line on your lips, but it really does make a difference in making your lipstick look great!

I love the idea of this product. It's just a shame i'm a brunette, this colour will just throw my eyebrows out of the norm in comparion to my hair colour. The last thing any girl wants is to have them look worse than they do without having their brows filled in! (Mine aren't the thickest of brows, they need a little beauty help!) The product overall looks pretty good, with a fine felt nib for easy and neat application. 

This was a little surprise in my beautybox, because I didn't expect it at all! I'm a culprit for purchasing hand creams and never using them as much as I should do. The smell of this smells really appealing. I hate coming across certain hand creams and they just smell of plasticy nothingness, sometimes a subtle scent really can change my mood towards using hand creams or not!

That's it for August! Do you order Beauty Boxes on a monthly basis? I'd love to know! 

I felt inspiration which led me to this post..


So this post is a little different from my others but I felt like this was worth a share. I'm sure you have all seen the #icebucketchallenge videos across Youtube and other forms of social networking. For those of you that haven't it's worth a search on the internet to understand. In summary people are nominating others to pour a bucket of icy water over their heads then passing on the message. Creating a 'snowball effect' social networking chain. Videos went viral and people were enjoying the fun and banter when forwarding on the chilly challenge. 

Something that floated about my mind was.. I wonder how many people even know where this challenge originated from? I wonder if they know why they're doing it? (hopefully to spread awareness to the cause and simply not to show off in front of a camera). How many people are aware of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. An American baseball player in the 1930's for the New York Yankees. He unfortunatley was diagnosed with the disease and died at the age for 37. Or another term for the illness is MND - Motor Neurone Disease)? Lots and lots of questions. At the same time though I wanted to learn more.

What is ALS/MND?
"Motor neurone disease occurs when specialist nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurones stop working properly. Motor neurones control important muscle activity, such as: gripping, walking, speaking, swallowing, and breathing." - Source
I found this video on my facebook. Instantly it took my interest and I watched it. 
As sad as it is to say. I never knew who this man was. I'm not wise in the sporting world. I couldn't even tell you who plays for my home football team! I now know him as one of the co-founders of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Pete wanted to create awareness for ALS, he even tell you that he's a 'positive guy' from that linked video, rather than letting it get the better of him, he's caught attention with this movement. 

There was also one other video. This one had really touched my heart, still leaves me with goosebumps. Please if you have simply a few minutes spare (maybe you're reading this whilst waiting for the kettle to boil over for your late night cup of coffee, or simply browsing about on the web on your smartphone) this one is really worth the watch. It'll give you all kinds of emotions. Maybe it'll open up your eyes too. 

This is Anthony Carbajal...

Regardless if you watched the video just then or not. Every time I watch it, I become all glossy eyes with tears ready to fall down the sides of my cheeks, and also goosebumps up my arms. This seems to have really cradled my attention, and if anything has inspired me to pass on the message.

Funnily enough at work today, I was talking to a couple of the girls I work with. Asking them if they'd seen any recent ice challenge videos that were worth sharing. After hearing their response, I began telling them what i'd seen with these two videos. Luckily enough the store wasn't too busy that I had the change of pinching a couple of minutes to talk away with. Out of the corner of my eye I kept on noticing a lady was admiring the clothes in store, but at the same time she'd stop to look over at me with another lady by her side. I was wanting to assume that the lady was just overhearing me talk (I can sometimes really ramble on with things..).

Upon serving her in the till area she politely asked me if I could repeat to her all that I had spoken about with my colleagues. She was curious from overhearing me talk. I told her again about the videos and the lack of research that there seems to be with ALS due to funding etc. I repeated the symptoms that you get - simply from what I had learnt in the previous video. I really hoped I portrayed the emotion that Anthony showed me. Once again I gave myself goosebumps whilst talking about my experience learning about ALS. 

The thing that made me smile is that the lady said she had never heard of this illness before. She really showed sympathy towards anyone who might have been diagnosed. She politely asked me if I knew anyone (hence my interest in forwarding this kind of information). I don't. Other than the two gentlemen that feature in this blog post today. I now understand how rare the illness is but also how scary it must be to have it. 

I cannot simply imagine what emotions you would experience knowing that your time will end. Of course it happens at some stage in life, but the relaxing thought is that we don't know. Life isn't completely black and white on a sheet of paper. No one should need to suffer in silence, considering how many voices there are that can make a difference.

Thank you for reading x

What I wore.. #1 Birthday Edition


I've been a little excited to share with you all my outfit of choice for my 21st birthday. Sad I know, but I really liked how I looked (I realise by saying that, I sound incredibly vain.... ah!) which has resulted in me writing this post! 

So here is a typical 'pre-party outfit photo' before all of the dancing began.

I told myself before having pulled an outfit together, that I wouldn't buy myself another black dress.. I wouldn't purchase another pair of black heels, and I would try buying a new style of dress. At least I managed to get one thing right? haha! Before that night i'd never worn a bodycon dress before simply due to body confidence issues etc. Long story short i've lost weight over the last few years (i'll be blogging about this very soon!) and now i'm a whole lot happier with my appearance!

- With the Naked 2 palette I used the metal grey colour called 'Pistol' and the neutral colour to it's left ' Suspect' to create a smokey eye without being too harsh on the eyes. Pairing this with the Eylure lashes (which may I say, I was very impressed with and I think I'll continue using individual lashes from now on. They're a little tricky to get used to first, but the pay off is lush!) 

I tried keeping the look mature, but also a little fancy aha! Also very impressed with how long I was in my heels for throughout the night! ;) 

I've turned 21!


On the 13th August I finally turned 21! woo! Actually as snazzy as it sounds, I was having a think about turning 21. What does it mean to me? Does it really make a difference? I had a bit of a ponder on the web and found a few things that made me chuckle - Like this! 

The past few years, I've always wanted to make the most out of my birthdays. I cheekily try to stretch it to a week (or longer if possible! ahaa!) Here are some snaps of what I got up to. 

M&M WORLD. Unsurprisingly smells of one huge bag of M&M's..
Of course you need to pay an uneccessary price to get personalised M&M's!

Pouty Mc Pout Pout

For those of you who might follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen this image. Long story short, green is my favourite colour and M&M World has a dedicated 'Ms Green' room! heheheee...

Had to pinch this picture off my mum, facebook has ruined the resolution!
My Mum took me to Tiffany's in London for my birthday, to pick out something for my 21st. Want to see what it was? Click click. Want to see which one it was?

If these images weren't obvious enough, my mum and her boyfriend took me to the Hard Rock Cafe in London. Those of you who know me, know that I love food. Yes, the rack of ribs were all for me. mwahaaa
(May I also suggest the 'Pickled Tink' cocktail for my cocktail lovers out there - mmmm!

My boyfriend also came down from Scotland during the week, I loved being able to see him for my birthday. He stayed down south for a few days and we got to spend time together, bake, go to the cinema, play video games and watch The Lego Movie ♥. 

After a haircut, a bit of shopping with my friend Fiona, and a few stressed out party organising moments later. I was ready to celebrate with my friends and family together for my 21st. I loved having my family around me and seeing everyone dancing and smiling. The same with my friends too. I was left smiling all night. 

Cheeky (cropped) outfit photo pre-dancing and celebrations!
Considering I told myself I wouldn't purchase anything new to wear for my party, I failed miserably at keeping the temptation at bay. I'll be putting together a 'what I wore' post very very soon for those of you who would like to know! 

This is terribly cheesy, but i've most definitely had the best birthday ever so far. I have truly been spoilt by my friends and family with gifts. Including numerous bottles of champagne and chocolate! ♥♥ xxxx

.. a little catch up


How are we all? Wow, it's really felt like one of those 'long time, no speak' situations. I'm sorry guys! I just became so busy with work and celebrating my 21st with friends and family - time was flying by! Anywhoo, i'm back (again!) and my organisation will be better. I've planned out my next few upcoming posts and i'm brain storming for new ideas too. I'm always open to what you guys would like to read on here. So do leave suggestions!

Whilst writing this little post today, it's dawned on me how much I really do enjoy blogging. I feel its a form of release, I can write and say what I want. Even if it just seems like i'm rambling on at times! I've definitely missed it, also reading your posts everyday. 

This will be one of those easy to read posts, just a little catch up i suppose. So you want to know what i've been up to? I booked the week off work last week to spend time with friends and family to celebrate my 21st birthday. I'm sure i'll get to the age where booking the week off for my birthday will become a little too excessive. But for now, I'm longing it out for as long as I can! Ha! Keep an eye out for upcoming posts here about what I did. I don't want to be leaking too much now - otherwise what will you have to look forward to? ;)

Follow me on Depop!


It's got to the point that I woke up this morning and took a glance around my room. It's dawned on me that I have so many things that I either do not wear/watch/use anymore and those items are just taking up space. A friend of mine suggested that I try out an app for smartphones called Depop. I'm used to selling things on eBay, but I feel like it's not a selling site specific for what I want to sell. Or perhaps i'm just not great at it! 

Why not follow this link to follow me or simply search for 'katehumphrey13' to find me on there?

I'd love to follow those of you back too. I love having a good browse on selling sites like this. Do many of you use Depop I'd love to know x

LMB July Edition

A little belated I know, but better late than never! 
So for July I decided to pick out the 2nd option of the July beauty box from LoveMeBeauty

If you haven't already joined LoveMeBeauty, why not click this link here to join in on the fun! 

First sighting of this product, I really wasn't wowed or even thought of looking at this first to be honest. I'm not sure if it is because the packaging is rather plain? Don't think of this product as a negative item though. I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of this brow powder! The packaging itself feels sturdy, it's small enough to fit in a small makeup bag and also includes the bonus but necessary feature - a mirror! Absolutely perfect for travelling! The darker powder suits my brows due to having naturally dark brown hair, i'm sure i'll find use of the lighter colour. 

I am the type of girl that loves a good mascara, its such a staple product. I usually prefer plastic brushes, but I was willing to give this one a whirl. I liked the shiny gold packaging, it gives the product a little more of a premium feel. Whilst pumping the wand (only a couple of times) on its first application, it felt like the pressure was building up in the tube. Yep I was right.. 

I was so relived to not have it spill over my white bed sheets! But oh my, what on earth?! This immediately put me off the product, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to trying out the formula! If I had paid just under £15 for this mascara, i'd definitely be regretting this as a purchase. This gets a big thumbs down from me. If you got the box for July, did you get this issue?

I'm really getting into shimmery eyeshadows as of late, add in a pop of mascara and it just makes a difference from having that daily cat-eye look. Bliss is a lovely warm neutral colour, really buildable with other shadows, or perfectly cute on its own. The colouring is nice and pigmented, I tend to wear an eyelid primer when I wear any shadows on - just so they don't crease or slip and slide. 

Ah, this colour just looks so pretty doesn't it! The thing I like about liquid lipsticks is that it's the best of both (lipstick and lipgloss) in one, it's less to pack if you're out and about on your travels!

Ahh, sorry for the blur though this! 
Ever since I had a little painful (physically and mentally!) accident with a set of eyelash curlers i've always wanted longer, thicker, stronger lashes without needing to resort to eyelash extensions. On a clean and makeup free eyelid, you run this across your lash line and leave the product to nourish and condition. 

I am a big fan of a hot cup of tea, if you follow my personal twitter you'll probably be aware of this by the amount that I tweet about the stuff! What caught my eye with this particular tea range is that this one is low in caffiene. The idea being that if it really is the early hours of the morning, this tea won't disturb your sleeping patterns. 

Do you get beauty boxes? I'd love to know what you think of them! 

Giveaway results!


How are we all? Feel's like its been a little bit of the 'long time no speak' issue. Well, i'm back and i'll be getting back on top of my blogging!

So recently I was contacted by Gnat Styling and was given the chance to review one of their shirts and was aClick this link to see the product and what I thought of it too!
lso given a bow tie to giveaway to one of you! 

This giveaway was my first, so I found the whole process rather exciting! I can't wait to host more in the future with you all. So I can tell what you're thinking... 
The winner is...

Thank you all for participating, I hope you join in next time too! x
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