Little MAC spending spree!


You would have seen in my previous post I've recently been to Cambridge. Yep, there's a MAC store! (I'll mention with a rather warm interior!) Of course I went in and had a browse!

I'm a typical girl that's a lover of makeup, an enthusiast in trying new makeup looks and wishing I had the skills and makeup brush collection of a makeup artist. 

This one was a lovely little treat from Michael. I really wanted a nice nude 'everyday' colour I could wear and build up on my eyelids whilst also wearing a winged eyeliner look! I love this satin finish. I'm not the biggest fan of glitter and sparkles yet this is just shimmery enough for me to adore! The below image is a 'one sweep' swatch of the product on the inside of my wrist. It's just a complimentary shade to my pale skin tone!

I was on the hunt for an oily makeup remover after getting help from fellow beauty bloggers on my twitter account. I had purchased a budge proof mascara without realising it was budge proof! (this wasn't even a waterproof product!). As a rookie mistake I only found out it was impossible to remove (without pulling out your eyelashes with it!) after its first application. I noticed this on the counter whilst purchasing my lipgloss. I thought if i tried the travel size and it's successful, i'll repurchase the full size when needed. I'm so pleasently pleased with this makeup remover. Because of the price I do have the habit of trying to use as little as possible just to remove the mascara. Then a usual cleanser after to tidy my oily, but mascara free black panda eyes! The travel size you get 30ml, whereas the original is 200ml for only £20. That's definitely more cost effective for the future!

I'm a big fan of my 'tag team' duo mac lip products, Please Me Matte lipstick, with Just superb Cremesheen lipgloss. Such a perfect pair! I have another favourite everyday mac lippy in my growing collection called Razzle Dazzler, which just needed to have a lipgloss companion! Cremesheen lipglosses aren't overly cake and sticky. There is nothing worse than having lips that feel like they're glued together!

I love shopping in mac, and it's very naughty of me to keep purchasing things each time I pass a mac store. But hey ho! I can't help it ;) heheheeee!

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