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I think i'm becoming a little addicted to purchasing new makeup? Uh oh! In this case though I really needed a new foundation. I usually use the MAC Matchmaster liquid foundation in shade 1.0 (yep, i'm a pale gal!) but ever since I caught a little sun a few weeks back, it's sadly too light for my skin. I did happen to go to a MAC store and had a look at the next shade down - alas, it was too dark! 

I'm quite happy to change brands and such, typically as long as they work for me. I do happen to get a little grouchy if the product turns out to be disappointing. In Boots, Loreal were having a 2 products for £15 promotion, so I thought i'd take a look and see what I liked.

I usually go for a matte finish foundation, but there was something about the dewy offer for the Lumi Magique that I really liked. My skin type is normal/ever so slightly combination skin. Perhaps a little dewiness would give me that healthy summer glow? This post will give you an insight into my first impression on this product, also its sister product - the concealer. 

I picked up the foundation in the shade Rose Pearl and the concealer in number 1 - light. First of all, the packaging. How pretty?! It's a nice rose gold colour. I'm not usually the biggest fan of rose gold, don't get me wrong it's pretty - but sometimes it just looks bronze! I also like the simplicity of the packaging! The foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump. There's nothing worse than having to pour the product onto the back of your hand. 

Foundation swatch
Concealer swatch
I'd say the foundation has a medium but buildable coverage. I don't like to feel like my makeup is caked on and heavy, this definitely doesn't do that! I'll tend to use 1 application of the product all over, then maybe a second coat in the center of my face (where its needed) with plenty of blending.

eeek! Excuse the bare(ish) face and newly washed hair!
So here's a photo of what the products look like on my skin with no other makeup and no setting powder. I did 'umm and arrrr' about uploading this image. I have no issue having makeup-less skin, I think I just look a little bare without something to brighten my eyes etc! 

I love the dewy consistency, I was worried prior to trying it out that my face would reflect every particle of light that caught its gaze! It's just lovely. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that has oil prone skin, unless you were intending to heavily matte it out with a setting powder. 

Here is my finished face!
Here is my finished face! I'm really enjoying a natural smokey eye at the moment. I'm a typical winged-liner gal, but attempting to break this habit is showing to turn out quite nicely! I finished off with a little baked bronzer powder on my cheeks, and a rosey nude lip gloss on my lips!

Overall I'd recommend this to anyone with a similar skin type to me, and yes! it's palest shade suits me greatly! 

What have you been loving recently?


  1. I really wanna try out this foundation now! Check out my beauty blog :)

  2. You look lovely and that foundation looks promising. I too am very pale but i don't really mind anymore. Great post.


  3. lovely foundation, it sounds great ! you're so pretty

  4. Very nice Inspirations

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  5. Replies
    1. Is say is the perfect amount of dewiness you need!

  6. Ho-lee-shit, you have such good skin. This foundation looks mint too, nice & dewy.

  7. You look amazing!
    Have followed and would mean so much if you could do the same? Thankyou x

  8. your skin looks so dewy and radiant!

    from helen at

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  9. I think it looks great on you. I used to use the lumi pen but I stopped for a reason I can't remember ha! Might start again x
    Heroine In Heels

    1. oh dear! hahaa, I hope the reason wasn't a bad one! x

  10. This looks gorgeous on your skin. Might have to test this out next time I'm in the L'Oreal aisle! Danielle x

    frontière girl


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