Come along with me to... Cambridge!


So last weekend my boyfriend was back down south from being in Scotland. Even though I was working on the Saturday, we made the most of our Sunday and got the train to Cambridge. I didn't have my Sony digital camera with me, so if you want to know what took the images. It was my Sony Xperia Z2 - which by the way, has a wicked camera!

You'll know you're in Cambridge when you see all of the bikes parked at the train station as well as being used around the town. My phone couldn't simply capture the amount of bikes you see when you arrive, even with the panoramic mode in action! I'd hate to lock up my bike and find it locked up in the center of that bike chain maze, haha!

We were very fortunate with the weather. It allowed us to go for a nice walk, browse the shops, sit outside the University and sit in the park after we had food at GBK!

Punting looks like it is so much fun! 
Whilst walking about, we popped into MAC (yay!) Michael treated me to an eyeshadow that I wanted, then I purchased myself a lipgloss and makeup remover. (no pictures this time, you'll see them in a post very very soon!) 

We also popped into this lovely chocolate shop, I purchased some macaroons (i'm loving them at the moment!) unfortunately the macaroons didn't seem to stay in tact for the trip to Cambridge - they were certainly yummy though.

One of my favourite burger joints is in Cambridge. It's the Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka - GBK. I'm a big fan of food, i'm not a fussy eater. So when you get a restaurant that makes awesome burger dishes - i'm there! (Prepare for all the food photos!)

It's pretty much tradition for Michael and I to get strawberry milkshakes if it's on the menu! I think the strawberry milkshakes at GBK are the best strawberry milkshakes ever! So ice creamy! mmm I want one now!

 Michael ordered the Bacon and Cheese burger and I ordered the Camemburger. If you want to see what they have to offer you can take a look here. Also, you are silly not to get the onion rings - they are lushhhhh! Right now this post is turning into me writing about how much I love food. So i'll move onto the next pic! 

Before the train journey home, we stopped by Ooshi...

Bubble tea is so cool! I don't quite know how to describe it to be honest, other simply as juice/tea with a different flavoured Ooshi balls or shapes that burst in your mouth to shake up the flavours. I just wish there was one of these closer to home!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post - if you haven't been to Cambridge before I really recommend you spending the day there - it's beautiful! x


  1. I went to Cambridge for the first time recently and loved it! It's a beautiful city, we couldnt go punting cause of the rain though which was a shame. Looks like you had a great time! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It's such a beautiful place! I didn't even know punting was there until we stumbled across it! x

    2. Cambridge is known for punting and universities! :) I love going a sitting by the river and watching the punts :) x

  2. I went to Oxford few months ago and Cambridge looks so similar - pretty and quaint. :)

    1. Ooh, i've not been to Oxford. this might just have to be my next stop! x

  3. I work in cambridge! :) such a beautiful city!! I really need to try bubble tea!! I think I' the only one who hasn't now! Followed!! :) xx


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