Gnat Styling ~ fashion thoughts! ** and giveaway! - Now Closed!!


** this is a promotional post. Even though I was sent the item to review. Thoughts and opinions are my own!

The other day, I was approached by the guys at Gnat Styling and given the opportunity to get my hands on one of their shirts and see what I thought. 

Who is Gnat Styling? You may not have seen or heard much of them recently, but they're new to the fashion industry. The big thing that stood out the most for me was their style. All the shirts they make are unique and completely customized from various patterns! Click this link to visit their website!

You can also find them on: 

Gnat styling create shirts for men for different occasions. There's nothing to say my fellow ladies out there, if you feel brave enough to rock this shirt - go ahead! The sized I was delivered was a small. 

"Our amazing array of outrageous clothing is sure to set you apart from everyone else especially when within a formal atmosphere that may require a few evening drinks to loosen up folks before you whip off your jacket and scoop up the attention of the room" 

These shirts are crazy fun. Of course not everyone would be brave enough to strut down the high street wearing this. But for those of you who do - great!

Gnat Styling provide a small variety of shirts for men. There's the Casual Fun Shirt (which is what I was sent), the Dress Shirt Classic Collar Shirt, and the Dress Shirt Wing Collar. These styles start from £23.95.

Considering these shirts are initially catered for men, I was sent a small and was still a little too big for me. (Completely understandable since - like i said - they make clothing for men). These would be great for parties for even handy if you were taking part in fancy dress/a themed get together with these fun prints. I would personally wear this on an occasion due to the care instructions being dry clean/hand wash (I always worry about ruining clothes!) and as cool as the shirt is - it's a little too bold for me to wear casually. Awesome to those that can or think they can though!

Did you know that they also make bow ties? Either to accompany one of their shirts or even to rock as a statement piece? Fortunately Gnat Styling have sent me one to give away to you guys! Simply enter the giveaway below! Terms and Conditions: Ends 31st July. Open to UK residents only (sorry!). If you're wanting to enter please leave me a contact email address down below. Good luck!

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First impressions #1


I think i'm becoming a little addicted to purchasing new makeup? Uh oh! In this case though I really needed a new foundation. I usually use the MAC Matchmaster liquid foundation in shade 1.0 (yep, i'm a pale gal!) but ever since I caught a little sun a few weeks back, it's sadly too light for my skin. I did happen to go to a MAC store and had a look at the next shade down - alas, it was too dark! 

I'm quite happy to change brands and such, typically as long as they work for me. I do happen to get a little grouchy if the product turns out to be disappointing. In Boots, Loreal were having a 2 products for £15 promotion, so I thought i'd take a look and see what I liked.

I usually go for a matte finish foundation, but there was something about the dewy offer for the Lumi Magique that I really liked. My skin type is normal/ever so slightly combination skin. Perhaps a little dewiness would give me that healthy summer glow? This post will give you an insight into my first impression on this product, also its sister product - the concealer. 

I picked up the foundation in the shade Rose Pearl and the concealer in number 1 - light. First of all, the packaging. How pretty?! It's a nice rose gold colour. I'm not usually the biggest fan of rose gold, don't get me wrong it's pretty - but sometimes it just looks bronze! I also like the simplicity of the packaging! The foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump. There's nothing worse than having to pour the product onto the back of your hand. 

Foundation swatch
Concealer swatch
I'd say the foundation has a medium but buildable coverage. I don't like to feel like my makeup is caked on and heavy, this definitely doesn't do that! I'll tend to use 1 application of the product all over, then maybe a second coat in the center of my face (where its needed) with plenty of blending.

eeek! Excuse the bare(ish) face and newly washed hair!
So here's a photo of what the products look like on my skin with no other makeup and no setting powder. I did 'umm and arrrr' about uploading this image. I have no issue having makeup-less skin, I think I just look a little bare without something to brighten my eyes etc! 

I love the dewy consistency, I was worried prior to trying it out that my face would reflect every particle of light that caught its gaze! It's just lovely. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that has oil prone skin, unless you were intending to heavily matte it out with a setting powder. 

Here is my finished face!
Here is my finished face! I'm really enjoying a natural smokey eye at the moment. I'm a typical winged-liner gal, but attempting to break this habit is showing to turn out quite nicely! I finished off with a little baked bronzer powder on my cheeks, and a rosey nude lip gloss on my lips!

Overall I'd recommend this to anyone with a similar skin type to me, and yes! it's palest shade suits me greatly! 

What have you been loving recently?

Little MAC spending spree!


You would have seen in my previous post I've recently been to Cambridge. Yep, there's a MAC store! (I'll mention with a rather warm interior!) Of course I went in and had a browse!

I'm a typical girl that's a lover of makeup, an enthusiast in trying new makeup looks and wishing I had the skills and makeup brush collection of a makeup artist. 

This one was a lovely little treat from Michael. I really wanted a nice nude 'everyday' colour I could wear and build up on my eyelids whilst also wearing a winged eyeliner look! I love this satin finish. I'm not the biggest fan of glitter and sparkles yet this is just shimmery enough for me to adore! The below image is a 'one sweep' swatch of the product on the inside of my wrist. It's just a complimentary shade to my pale skin tone!

I was on the hunt for an oily makeup remover after getting help from fellow beauty bloggers on my twitter account. I had purchased a budge proof mascara without realising it was budge proof! (this wasn't even a waterproof product!). As a rookie mistake I only found out it was impossible to remove (without pulling out your eyelashes with it!) after its first application. I noticed this on the counter whilst purchasing my lipgloss. I thought if i tried the travel size and it's successful, i'll repurchase the full size when needed. I'm so pleasently pleased with this makeup remover. Because of the price I do have the habit of trying to use as little as possible just to remove the mascara. Then a usual cleanser after to tidy my oily, but mascara free black panda eyes! The travel size you get 30ml, whereas the original is 200ml for only £20. That's definitely more cost effective for the future!

I'm a big fan of my 'tag team' duo mac lip products, Please Me Matte lipstick, with Just superb Cremesheen lipgloss. Such a perfect pair! I have another favourite everyday mac lippy in my growing collection called Razzle Dazzler, which just needed to have a lipgloss companion! Cremesheen lipglosses aren't overly cake and sticky. There is nothing worse than having lips that feel like they're glued together!

I love shopping in mac, and it's very naughty of me to keep purchasing things each time I pass a mac store. But hey ho! I can't help it ;) heheheeee!

Come along with me to... Cambridge!


So last weekend my boyfriend was back down south from being in Scotland. Even though I was working on the Saturday, we made the most of our Sunday and got the train to Cambridge. I didn't have my Sony digital camera with me, so if you want to know what took the images. It was my Sony Xperia Z2 - which by the way, has a wicked camera!

You'll know you're in Cambridge when you see all of the bikes parked at the train station as well as being used around the town. My phone couldn't simply capture the amount of bikes you see when you arrive, even with the panoramic mode in action! I'd hate to lock up my bike and find it locked up in the center of that bike chain maze, haha!

We were very fortunate with the weather. It allowed us to go for a nice walk, browse the shops, sit outside the University and sit in the park after we had food at GBK!

Punting looks like it is so much fun! 
Whilst walking about, we popped into MAC (yay!) Michael treated me to an eyeshadow that I wanted, then I purchased myself a lipgloss and makeup remover. (no pictures this time, you'll see them in a post very very soon!) 

We also popped into this lovely chocolate shop, I purchased some macaroons (i'm loving them at the moment!) unfortunately the macaroons didn't seem to stay in tact for the trip to Cambridge - they were certainly yummy though.

One of my favourite burger joints is in Cambridge. It's the Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka - GBK. I'm a big fan of food, i'm not a fussy eater. So when you get a restaurant that makes awesome burger dishes - i'm there! (Prepare for all the food photos!)

It's pretty much tradition for Michael and I to get strawberry milkshakes if it's on the menu! I think the strawberry milkshakes at GBK are the best strawberry milkshakes ever! So ice creamy! mmm I want one now!

 Michael ordered the Bacon and Cheese burger and I ordered the Camemburger. If you want to see what they have to offer you can take a look here. Also, you are silly not to get the onion rings - they are lushhhhh! Right now this post is turning into me writing about how much I love food. So i'll move onto the next pic! 

Before the train journey home, we stopped by Ooshi...

Bubble tea is so cool! I don't quite know how to describe it to be honest, other simply as juice/tea with a different flavoured Ooshi balls or shapes that burst in your mouth to shake up the flavours. I just wish there was one of these closer to home!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post - if you haven't been to Cambridge before I really recommend you spending the day there - it's beautiful! x

Hot Spring Sauna


Hello hello.. So you might have seen that I had ordered the June Love Me Beauty beauty box. Within the beauty box you would have seen that I got the new Montagne Jeunesse 'hot spring sauna' masque! I do love a face mask (or two.. *wink wink*) so I couldn't wait to try this out!

Self heating and exfoliating? Lovely jubbly! I'd say this mask isn't as creamy as the other mud masks from the Montagne Jeunesse range, although I'd say it is a better texture due to the exfoliating bamboo in the pack! One thing I like to look out for in a face mask is 'does it smell good?' - I think there is nothing worse than applying a mask that you just can't wait to wash off to be rid of the smell. This mask smells really fresh due to the ginger it consists of. 

Excuse the crappy mirror face and photo!
I enjoyed putting the mask all over my face, then perhaps waiting about 10 minutes to let the goodness sink in. After that I massaged the skin with my fingers just to get best use out of the exfoliating factor before washing it off. My skin felt so awake and fresh after using this. I really recommend this mask to those of you that enjoy exfoliating products on a weekly basis. 

Fortunately the perks of having the Love Me Beauty Box gives the chance to share my discount code with you all! YAY!

Use the code LOVEME20 for 20% off online at Montagne Jeunesse 
(code expires 1st August 2014)

Thanks for reading guys. Sorry for the lack of posting recently. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming content! x

LMB June Edition


How are we all? So very recently I signed up to the Love ME Beauty beauty box. It's a monthly subscription in which you pay £10 a month for a gift box containing several beauty products. The thing I like is that it's not completely random. There is a selection of beauty boxes for you to pick from. You simply select the one you think you'll enjoy the most and it'll be on it's way in no time!

Interested in joining up? Simply click this link!

In this post you'll see what I got in my selected beauty box, alongside my first impressions. June was Love ME Beauty's 1st birthday, hence the birthday theme!

So this was my beauty box...

Such a lovely little selection! As soon as I opened the box I was happily surprised. It was like a little present from me to me! 

So what's in the box?

~ Beauty UK High Brow kit £3.99
~ Urban Veda (Sample) 
~ NYX Cosmetics nail varnish £3
~ Montagne Jeunesse Hot Spring Sauna mask £1 
~ Model Co. Eye pencil (black) £9

What a bargain for only £10! 

I've already given them a little run for their money. Keep an eye on the blog for product reviews. (one coming very soon for the new face mask!) 

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? I'd love to know which ones! x

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