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How are we all?
Apologies for being off the Blogger radar these last few days! I've settled in to my new job now I've finished my induction and been to Paris. Now i'm back! :D

I've got plenty up my sleeve for upcoming posts, so keep an eye out! Thank you for your support - I know my follower count isn't the highest, but I appreciate you all for being here! 

Now for less of the soppiness! I've finally got around to uploading all my Paris holiday trip photos on my Flickr account (please do click the link!) It was such a beautiful holiday - the first time I had left the country in years! 

Time for me to get organised! I love writing this blog, I really want to incorporate it into my life. I enjoy sharing my findings and interacting with everyone on here!

Just for now i'm altering my posting schedule. I enjoy consistency in blog posts. So rather than writing one post everyday, for the mean time I'll aim for every other day as a minimum with posts in between once in a while! :)

I'd love to hear any suggestions to what you'd like to see on here! 
Once again, thanks for sticking around! x

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