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Within the time of changing jobs and settling into my new store. I had purchased some of the new makeup palettes from Makeup Revolution. I purchased both of the new Blush and Contour palettes in Sugar and Spice and Hot Spice - hey why not?! They're only £6 each ;D After feeling positive about my ELF Cosmetics concealer palette, I decided to also pick up the Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal palette in Light - Medium for once again that bargainous £6! Unfortunatly this post does not consist of swatches. But keep your eyes peeled, i'll be writing a review on these bad boys sometime in the near future!

May I also add in (just before I start rambling on) the packaging on these are just wonderful! Such a premium feel for such a little price! I'm also loving the fact they are sleek and slim and have a large mirror on the inside, they're perfect for travelling with!

Pleasingly, Makeup Revolution have quite a variety of palette shades for the Cover and Conceal collection. I'm rather pale, but since catching a little bit of sun on my skin, I purchased the palette in a light - medium shade. The palette consists of 8 different creamy colours, even though a couple are too dark for me - they'll be perfect for contouring - especially those cheek bones! 

Left to Right: Sugar and Spice, Hot Spice
Then we have the blush palettes, I was incredibly excited about these! I purchased both of these with the intentions of comparing the two. I love the colour variety that you get with these palettes, they are such wearable colours! I'm ever so pleasantly surprised with the fact that 6 of the 8 pans are matte colours and 2 are shimmery (i'd class one of the shimmery ones to be pretty much a highlighter over a blush!). As pretty as I find shimmery blushes are, I'm not the biggest fan of having a face covered in glitter! 

Sugar and Spice is a typically pink shaded palette, with a little bit of coral and nude included! Whereas Hot Spice is more of an orange/coral toned palette - both being very wearable though! 

I can't wait to swatch these babies and give them a run for there money. Like I said earlier in the post, keep your eyes peeled very soon for a review on these palettes! I'd like to give myself a little time in getting a true opinion rather than just wearing the product once and telling you what I thought the first time. 


  1. OOOH something for pale girls! Please let me know if its worth buying!

    1. I'll be trying very very soon! They're such a bargain price though rox! X

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  3. Wow all of these products seem so beautiful! Love your blog! Great post!

    Juliana Grace |

  4. They look amazing! Great post


  5. love your post! :D now i want buy some of them :)))


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