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4. Body Paint Tubes £4.50
5. PU Zip Bumbag £24

I do love a good festival! It's the buzz and atmosphere of the live music playing in every corner you can walk to! I enjoy a laid back timetable at a festival, i'll see who I want, but i'm also happy to just chill out with an over priced burger and paper cup of apple cider! Alas, this year i'm not going to any festivals (I've been to a few each year for the last few years!), I think this year its time for a break. I've gone on holiday and hopefully will be inspired to make use of my passport again later in the year.

For those of you who are going to festivals this year, or you just fancy the festival fever - this post is for you! 

I love festival fashion this time of year, it makes me feel all fun and summery. The wacky wellington boots (these are a must!), floral crowns and body paint add to the fun! I've picked out a few items that if I was going to a festival this year, i'd be eyeing up.

Prepare for wet weather, but also the sun! I find kimono's are a perfect item of clothing to take along to outdoor events. They protect you from the sun, yet being light weight and fashionable.

If you're stuck with what you want to pack for a festival (especially if its your first one), i'd recommend packing things that you wont mind possibly getting ruined in the mud or even body paints! You should prepare for all kinds of weather. So take wellies, also considering lighter shoes to wear like leather boots or even converses for when it's dry! 

Have fun with it - that's the best thing. If you have the chance to wear that awesome flower crown that you think you'd not usually be able to pull off on a casual day, then do it! 

Hope you enjoyed this little post - are you going to a festival this year? I'd love to hear from you.
Be sure to keep an eye out on an upcoming post about festival essentials too!


  1. I'm loving floral crowns at the moment
    Great post
    Rachel XX

    1. me too! I just wish I could wear them casually! x

  2. Great post. Following you on Bloglovin'.



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