A week in Paris ~ Part Two


If the image above doesn't give you a big enough hint... Yes I went to Disneyland Paris! 
(prepare to get the small violins out...) Sadly I was a Disneyland deprived child, I never had the chance to go. At the age of 20 I think it's perfectly acceptable to relive my childhood and get myself to Disneyland! Michael and I got the Disneyland Express bus to and from the park (which cheekily involved us napping on the way there and back! oops!)

Ever since we had booked the tickets to visit the two Disney parks, I was determined to get myself the Minnie Mouse ears (even more determined to get Michael wearing Mickey Mouse ears hehe..)

~ The Alice In Wonderland maze! (Michael admitted he hasn't seen Alice In Wonderland -- GASPPP)

For those of you who might not already know, I absolutely love the green aliens from Toy Story. With the lack of variety in green alien plushies available, I was overly excited finding them displayed in a doorway. I needed a picture! 

My inner child came out discovering that you could eat at Pizza Planet. Oh my, I felt like I was one of Andy's friends off to Pizza Planet in Toy Story 1. I'm not going to lie, I'm a lover of food (haha) so finding out that it was a pizza buffet.. mm I was set on feasting on pizza for lunch! 

We went on the rides, walked around the parks numerous times. I really enjoyed the day! I'd love to go back there again (I'll probably end up behaving like it was my first time going again!) I'm going to finish this post with a picture of Michael and I on the Mad Hatters Tea Cups - in full Disney spirit! 


  1. Looks like you had a great time
    I love Disneyland Paris
    I had to buy myself some ears when I went too
    Rachel XX

  2. beautiful photos it seems like you had a really nice time there :)
    I'm so jealous, I wish I could go there right now. I love Micky and Minnie :)


    1. I recommend it if you do ever go to Paris! x


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