A week in Paris ~ Part Three


It was a little bit rainy on the morning of the day we visit the Louvre and Notre Dame. But that didn't stop us getting up early and walking over to spend the day looking at all the beautiful sights to be seen and art! There is something quite pleasing about being a walkable distance between the hotel and monuments, you soak in your surroundings a lot more I believe!

I didn't take many pictures inside the Louvre (I was too busy looking around at the artwork) but I did mange to snap a picture of Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo!

The weather brightened up and we went for a little walk over to Notre Dame and passed the Pont des Arts (known for its 'lovelocks' or padlocks at are attached to any free spot on the bridge). 

The Notre Dame was breathtakingly beautiful! I was pleasently surprised to see that it was free entry and no tickets were required! I did take pictures of the inside, but i'm planning to put all my photos on my Flickr account so keep your eyes peeled for when they're uploaded on that!


  1. So frigin' jealous, looks amazing! =] xx.


    1. I'd go back in a heartbeat! I loved it there! x


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