A week in Paris ~ Part One


So as you might have discovered after seeing my previous post - during the week that has just passed, I have been exploring Paris! I've not been out of the UK for several years due to not owning a passport *sobs* - so going to Paris had me ridiculously excited!

My boyfriend and I were flying in the late afternoon/evening of the Monday. You might have gathered from my excitement I might have behaved like a 'fat kid in a cake shop' prior to the flight. Hehe I didn't care - i was far too excited! I had studied french in school but only as a GCSE, I knew some of the language but was very rusty! 

cheeky flight snap - why not?! ;)
(i'm not trying to sound cheesy) Entering Paris and being on our way to our Hotel gave me this realisation that yep - you're in France Kate, French signs, French locals, French food.. Not that I wasn't expecting this at all of course aha! But I was out of the UK and in a new environment which I just could wait to adjust to! 

Keep you're eyes glued to this blog and you'll see where we went and what we did on our holiday in Paris! 

Oh for you Disney lovers out there..
Hint hint I went to Disneyland - you'll find out more tomorrow! x


  1. Hi Kate, I love your blog and therefore nominated you for the Liebster award.


    Love Esther

  2. haha I did french at gcse but have forgotten basically everything :p hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to your posts - that picture on the plane is amazing btw. I can never get over how insanely amazing it looks when you're on the plane :) x
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    1. Ha! I was pretty much the same, its amazing how much comes back to your memory though! x


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