Vintage cat eyes


Who doesn't pull a silly face whilst trying to take blog pictures of yourself?
I just had to share with you my new ebay purchase! I was browsing ebay with the intentions of finding something that falls into the 'vintage' criteria. I came across these babies! They're vintage cat eye framed glasses! (Actual sunglasses are not vintage, they're vintage styled! Labelled as 80's retro!) They're black and gold - something a little different to what I usually go for! (see below for link!)

At the incredibly affordable price of just £6.99 I will most definitely want to buy more! They arrived incredibly quick and when I opened the parcel wrapping, I also found a handful of sweets to go with them! What a kind surprise! 

I love ebay... hahaa. What have you recently purchased from ebay?  


  1. I absolutely love these! They would never suit my face shape though :( xx

    1. To be honest, I took a bit of a gamble because I didn't think i'd suit them either! haha xxx

  2. Nice sunglasses! Have been thinking about buying them too.
    U gotta love Ebay ;-)

    1. Ebay is definitely a best friend to my purse ;) x

  3. They are lovely, such a great price as well! :D
    Rachel | VintageDeer


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