On Wednesdays we wash in pink..


Hello everyone! How are we all? I wonder how successful my play on words were for today's blog post? I just wanted to share with you my current shower favourites - that are all packaged in pink! (not intentional, i'm also using up neglected products too!)  Starting from left to right:

Whilst in places like Boots, i've always looked at these two and debated about getting them, but I settled for something different from Herbal Essences. Click here to see my 'April Showers' post which features the ones I decided to purchase. There was no particular reason to buying a new Shampoo and Conditioner so soon, other than I took them to my boyfriends house and left them there :[. Hey Ho! I have new ones to try out! These two leave my hair feeling very soft and silky - I think it really compliments the condition that my hair is in at the moment!

I find the smell of grapefruit cleansers to be so refreshing on the skin! What I love about this product is that it does have tiny tiny beads in it which gently exfoliate the skin on your face without feeling too harsh! I don't use this on a daily basis, even though you definitely could do so! I maybe use it every other face wash? I think I really depends if i'm in the mood to use it aha! Other than that i'd use a normal type of face wash.

I love this product! The smell is just mmm! I'm not one for the overly sweet smelling type of products. This though, is perfectly sweet with a fresh kick of lime! (Nothing like a citrus scent for that clean kind of feeling!). The packaging for this product, yep i'm a sucker for it. I'm always reeled into Soap and Glory's products be it the skin care or makeup, like a fat kid in a cake shop! It's all so feminine and pretty - ah! :)

Okay, I can't find a specific link for that product because the lotion came as part of a giftset I got a while back, I don't think its sold separately, or it's just a gifting edition. I love the smell of this perfume, so why not have it infused in a body lotion! I'm trying to be better with skin care when it comes to the rest of my body. I have so many body butters and lotions piling up from where I buy them and never really use them - times are a changing and I will have silky smooth legs and elbows! haha!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me :) I've followed you too!

    That soap and glory body wash always sounds so good. The packaging is so cute!


    1. I'm a sucker for good packaging! Aw thanks doll xx


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