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I promised myself when going to Boots today that I was only going to go in there to get my 'meal deal'. I did so well, I picked up my innocent super smoothie, sushi and snack. Walking towards the exit of the store near where I work, I pass all the premium makeup counters. Ah I did so well.. right up until I passed Smashbox. They had an ever so tiny sale on some of their products. Such a small sale that I didn't even notice it walking into the store! 

I picked up the Smashbox palette called 'Fade To Black' in the palette shade of 'fade in'. It's a real pretty metallic pink and black box! Click here to see the collection! There's two palettes to this collection, but considering I should be on a spending ban... I picked the one I thought suited me best!

RRP: £32
I got it for £16! Bargain! How could I not purchase this?! 

(Scroll on down for photos!)

It's a shame that these shades don't have names, just numbers to them. They're all such pretty colours, I bet they'd have quirky names! *sigh*

I'll be sure to do another blog post at a later date perhaps alongside a review or even makeup look perhaps?

Have any of you snapped up some great bargains recently?


  1. That shimmery pinky colour is so beautiful, I can't even...I'd definitely name it "Unicorn glitter" Haha I'm joking, I'm bad at giving names. However, I think you did a great deal buying it at half price, totally worth it. I'm looking forward for a FOTD post using this palette x


    1. Ha! unicorn glitter - love it!

      Thanks! I'll be sure to post something soon!


  2. I totally understand why you bought this hun, it is gorgeous. The packing is amazing and the colours inside are great. xx

    Anna-Maria | www.topdrawfashion.com

    1. Ah thanks hahaa i'm a sucker for packaging! x


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