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I'm sure like many other people, there are times I love my skin, other times I detest it! On the odd occasion I suffer with very very dry skin on my cheeks and across my forehead - feeling almost like chapped skin even. Considering that my usual skin type is pretty much normal - just a little sensitive around my eyes. Having this issue on a once in a while basis, is nothing I ever look forward to. 

Unfortunately this kind of chapped skin literally means I cannot wear any makeup on the chapped/extra dry area. No foundation or pressed powder will sit right - only resulting in making my skin look like an awful mess! Being a typical girl, when this kind of thing happens I begin to stress (no, not about my makeup. Only the fact that my skin is behaving so unnaturally), which usually results in my skin not showing any signs of a speedy recovery back to its normally hydrated self.

I went on the hunt in Boots for a product that could 'fix my problem' and came across this product. It's called A-DERMA Skin Care Cream. I had a little background research into the product to see if this product was really what I needed. Seeing that it was fragrance free and paraben free was a great start. The Ingredients: Rhealba Oat Milk - Soothes and softens the skin. Vaseline/Glycerin complex - Helps to restore the skins natural protective barrier, moisturises and nourishes. Alpha-bisbolol - Soothes the skin. 

The consistency of this product is that its quite thick as it leaves the tube. I tend to put a pea-sized amount on both cheeks and neck, and a small pea-sized amount on my forehead, then massage that in my skin with circular motions until the product feels as if its almost fully absorbed. 

This stuff works wonders. Although for £6.25 you do only get 50ml, this really goes a long way. I only tend to use it in the evenings to really let it soak in overnight without the worry of makeup (especially foundation) not sitting on it properly. I can imagine it might slip and slide - not that anyone wants that! Saying that though, the following morning when using a different moisturiser (preferably a light day cream) I find my makeup sits really well and my skin looks very hydrated. 

Even though I purchased this from Boots I'm struggling to find the specific link to the product. This can also be purchased in pharmacies not just drug stores that supply this brand. Click here to find your closest seller of this product. Do try your local Boots store though!

I hope this helps anyone with skin issues similar to what I suffer from on the occasional time! I'd love to know what you think!


  1. I know that feeling of not being able to wear makeup over dry skin! I might give this a go the next time I have very dry skin, I've been using the Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream for my dry patches but this sounds great!
    Love the look of your blog :)


    1. Ooh, when this is all gone, i'll consider that next time! thanks xx

  2. Sounds amazing! Although I like pretty pots of moisturiser, not squeezy tubes...shallow but they just suck me in so much more haha! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Haha! Next time you empty a pot, fill it with this... Win win! ;) x

  3. this would really work for my dull, dry and chappy legs, or is it just for the face. I followed you on GFC. please do follow back

    1. Its for face and body :) It's available in a bigger tube too - i'd recommend it, it's worth the money!


  4. This stuff looks so good! Must try it out x

    I would love it if you could enter my giveaway over on my blog http://emilyh0ughton.blogspot.co.uk/ - thank you! x

    1. Sure, i'll have a wonder over to your blog now! x


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