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How are we all? So if the title of this post hasn't been a dead giveaway... Beautiboe has a twitter account! Just search '@Beautiboe' on twitter or simply click the link that's in my 'about me' column on this blog! My fellow bloggers, if you give it a follow i'll be more than happy to follow back! (plus it would really make me smile :D) 

Thank you to all my followers that have been with me so far and hello to the new ones have have joined me recently! 

Uniform accessories? Love it!


This photo was taken and editted on my phone - apologies for the crazy blue tone! I've accidentally deleted the original image! 

So as some of you are aware from me previously mentioning on here - I've recently been employed to work at Monsoon/Accessorize. Without rambling on.. I'm loving my new job! 

Anyway, here's a few pieces of jewellery I picked up to wear for work! I'm almost certain more jewellery is soon going to end up in my possession very soon! I'm absolutely loving what Accessorize is stocking at the moment! 

Gold chains, silver ropes, sterling silver and many colourful bracelets. I've really tried to mix and match my pieces until I do happen to purchase more bits in the near future! 

I'm thinking of doing an outfit post perhaps on a couple of the bits I purchased from monsoon to wear as uniform whilst at work - what do you think?

Oh Butter Yourself!


The ladies face on the gift packaging cracks me up in this picture!
I admit it - I Kate, am the type of person that either buys or is gifted body butters and rarely ever uses them to moisturise (or even normal lotion for that matter. My skin must hate me!). I was given a Soap and Glory gift set as a leaving gift for my old place of work, and this beauty was part of the set. 

For those of you who might not be familiar with Soap and Glory, it's a skin care brand that is probably known not only for its great products - but adorable girly packaging! I'm an absolute sucker for the stuff!

I've been trying to tackle the mounds of Bodyshopbody butters I had got for christmas, but this has certainly taken the cake, it's moved them off my bathroom side and back into the back of the cupboard for now. The smell of this 'Butter Yourself' body butter is so yummy! It's the kind of smell you'll love on your skin - it really isn't sickly! The consistency is thick, but melts away into the skin like a charm! One thing I tend to dislike about body butters is that they sit on the surface of my skin for a while, which not only makes it difficult for you to wear clothing over, but also in case you get the product accidentally on something else! 

I'm really trying to give a little more tlc to my skin recently. This includes my knees, elbows, and feet! I've let it get to the point previously on my legs that the skin was so dry it was pretty much "chicken skin" - it's pretty common, others sometimes get another type of chicken skin on the sides of your upper arms. This stuff has kept that nasty looking dry skin away! Hopefully it never comes back! :) x

Brazillian Mud Fabric Masque ~


I love fabric face masks, they are a lot less messy than other liquid masks in these types of packets! My all time favourite at the moment is the Tea tree face spa mask from the same range. It's my go-to mask that feels so healing to my skin - prevents any unwelcomed spots from appearing!

So I happened to be browsing around Boots as you do and I found this bad boy.. 

Once noticing it was a mud/fabric mask I (very sadly!) got excited and purchased a couple! I'm sure you can pick these up at many drugstores - I picked these up from Boots. 

agh, you can kind of see where i've not long taken my glasses off! 

The fabric cloth is infused with more than enough product. It's easy to unfold and face over your own face without creating much of a mess compared to other types of masks. The mask consists of "Real mud, Acai Berries & Avacodo" - What a yummy treat for my skin! 

I'd recommend cleansing your face prior to using this - I'd make sure all your makeup has been removed. Then leave on for about 15 minutes (I have a habit of forgetting i'm wearing the mask!) then remove, and rinse your face. As mentioned in my previous post about the tea tree mask (see link above) I do like to massage the product into my skin before washing off - feels like the full spa treatment!

This product (depending on where you purchase it) is likely to be no more then £1.50. Such a bargainous price for the face treat that it is!

Long time no speak!

Hello everyone! I feel so bad not posting these last few days. I've been staying at my grandparents house and I had trouble accessing my blogger account. Even blogging on my phone seemed to be a little challenging - nothing would post! :(

I've recently changed jobs and well, its been a little hectic! hopefully things will calm down very soon though! I do (on a positive note) have a few posts on their way! I'm still here and i'm not going anywhere! :)

I'd like to say thank you to all my followers so far that have stuck by my blog, apologies for the lack of posting recently. I really want to stick to my one post a day goal! xxx

~ TOPSHOP Wishlist #2 Kate Moss


I know the new Kate Moss collection has been out for a little while now - a few pieces have really caught my attention and they're now on my little wishlist! Unfortunately I do feel like they'll end up staying on my wishlist due to the cost of some of these items. I wish I had money burning a hole in my purse!

I notice the colour scheme is pretty much monochrome and metallics - love it!

Olay Moisturiser + ~ Product Review


Who said you can't start your Total Effects in your 20's?
I'm a big fan of skin care, I want to really take care of my skin so it's not too late when i'm older and my skin just looks dehydrated to the max! For a few days this week I had been staying at my grandparents house, on the first night I came across a skin cleanse routine trauma - I forgot my moisturiser!! *gasp*

The following morning I went into Boots and was on the hunt for something that would really benefit my skin. I usually use Nivea Daily Essentials - Light Moisturising Day Cream which you can get in Boots for £3/£4 (this is probably my most favourite moisturiser at this price point!) but I felt like picking up something a little different.

This is the Olay Total Effects 7 in One Moisturiser + (anti blemish) which I picked up for £14.99. The thing that stood out to me was the anti blemish part of this product. Out of the whole range this anti blemish moisturiser is aimed at skin in their 20's - okay, i'm 21 this year, i'm jumping on the band wagon early!

It's such a perfectly light moisturiser, it does not feel like it's smothering my skin and will just slip and slide all over with my makeup on top. It soaks in so quickly! I love massaging my skin until its all soaked up, which doesn't even take long! Admittedly I have gone back for a second 'massage' with the product! 

I have normal skin, with a little shine to my forehead. I'd recommend this to normal/combi skin types!

~ Home Wishlist #1 ft Urban Outfitters


I love websites like Urban Outfitters when it comes to home items. Some really unique/crazy/fun ideas and themes on there! Okay, I haven't moved out from home (yet!) but I always look out for things that i'd want in my own place!

I literally am so excited to have my own little place, I can decorate it exactly how I want it to! I have no real design in mind though, I just keep seeing little bits here and there.

Teatoxing ~ Without blowing the bank!


I am a firm believer that whatever you put in your body will show on the outside. So detoxing is my perfect way of achieving and maintaining clear skin! I've tried 2 different branded teatox's, one on a little bit of a higher budget, and one on a lower. I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know - the lower one wins in my eyes :)!

The higher priced brand is Bootea. You might be familiar or have seen this brand if you're on twitter/instagram and follow fitness/health accounts like I do. They do whats called a 14 day teatox - which is what I tried. The cost was £19.99, so I did have a good think and did a bit of research into this first. There's day and night tea bags, and a routine that needed to be followed for the most effective result. I'm not lazy with routines, but I do get bored easily... Admittedly I didnt last the full 14 days and I put the packets aside until I wanted to start again. 

Whilst on my supermarket travels I did find this on the other hand... 


Twinnings have released a set of detoxing teas and you can get them from supermarkets for as little as £1.99 each! No hassle with meal plans and routines! What I love about these is that they all have their unique benefits. My favourite is Detox, the yellow box. It consists of lemon peel, lemon myrtle and milk thistle. I'm a big fan of lemon water so this is right up my street!  I like to try and drink at least one mug of Detox a day, it's super refreshing - so why not!

There is also Digest - peppermint, fennel and dandelion root. I recommend drinking this one for if you feel bloated or have had a very big meal (normally me with dinner - I love food!). Then there is Purify - cucumber extract, nettle and aloe vera. This one is also great for detoxing your skin keeping away all the bad bits that seem to welcome spots and zits!

I've been drinking these Twinnings tea's now for a good few months. I keep repurchasing them - I recommend you do too if you're looking for that tea detox!!

On my 'rummage travels' #1


I'm sure we all have that time in which we think - I better sort out that draw full of cosmetics etc.. Well I was clearing out/reorganising my makeup palette draw. I found this little hidden beauty. 

This little guy was part of the MAC Hello Kitty collection - from I believe a few years back now? Admittedly I've rarely touched this palette. The darker colours aren't the kind I wear, also the brighter side is once again a variety I don't tend to steer towards. Hey, I'm a sucker for the packaging, Hello Kitty and limited edition collections! Don't judge me!

Even though I know i'll rarely wear this palette, its fun - so for now, i'll be shamefully keeping it! haha

Have you guys ever found it hard to let go of an item like this that you know wont get as much love as it deserves? 

little bit of a busy-bee!

Hey everyone! I know I say I post on a daily basis, I really do want to stick to this! Not really wanting to use this as an excuse but i've been a little busy changing jobs. For those of you who don't know, I've very recently been employed to work for Monsoon/Accessorize. I'm so excited to start this part of my working life! I've been working my induction a little away from home. So i've been staying at my grandparent's house, and I forgot to take my laptop! 

I've got some bits up my sleeve for all of you to see! Thank you all for the support so far! I do enjoy reading and replying to all your comments and reading all of your blogs! xx

~ ACCESSORIZE Wishlist #1


I honestly think that the items that Accessorize sell are so girly and cute! Pretty floral themes, pastel colours, dainty details... love it this spring! 

So for those of you who aren't aware - I am about to start employment for Monsoon/Accessorize, which leaves me browsing their website - looking at all the things I want to buy! 

There's so much more that I love on their website - but these are certainly the accessories I want sooner than others right now!

What are you loving recently?

Vintage cat eyes


Who doesn't pull a silly face whilst trying to take blog pictures of yourself?
I just had to share with you my new ebay purchase! I was browsing ebay with the intentions of finding something that falls into the 'vintage' criteria. I came across these babies! They're vintage cat eye framed glasses! (Actual sunglasses are not vintage, they're vintage styled! Labelled as 80's retro!) They're black and gold - something a little different to what I usually go for! (see below for link!)

At the incredibly affordable price of just £6.99 I will most definitely want to buy more! They arrived incredibly quick and when I opened the parcel wrapping, I also found a handful of sweets to go with them! What a kind surprise! 

I love ebay... hahaa. What have you recently purchased from ebay?  

Heat Wave ~

The Boots local to my old place of work has many premium counters near the entrance of the store. As you might have seen in my previous Smashbox 'bargain buy' (click the link to see!) Smashbox were having a sale on some of their old collection items that they just didnt sell out on. It's not all doom and gloom though! I got my bargain buys for half price ;)! 

Heat Wave is a summer 2013 colletion from Smashbox. I'm one of those people that doesn't really mind for 'in-trend' eye shadows, only because the colours tend to repeat themselves in the future! It's a gorgeously large sized palette without it being too big to carry around with you if you're travelling about. The inside has a perfectly large mirror - saves having to put your makeup on in a tiny compact! 

If you have seen my other Smashbox eyeshadow palette post you'll know that the individual shadows havent got names. In the Fade to Black palette they're numbered. In this case there isn't anything! I love seeing the names the brands come up with! 

The palette consists of matte shades and shimmer shades. I'm creeping into liking shimmer shades a whole lot more now i'm using more of a colour variety in eyeshadows. I'm not one for glitter, but shimmer - yes! The palette has a row of warm shades and another row of cool shades. Creating the perfect look for those summer days or nights! 

I'm impressed with the colour pay off, I sometimes worry that shimmer shades have a low pigment, but these are worth the buck from Smashbox!  The RRP is £36 - I got this new palette for £18! ah so pleased! :) 

My friend Laura at Beautysave UK got the Heat Wave lipgloss collection. Be sure to keep an eye on her blog if she writes about them!

Tea Tree Face Spa ~

How are we all? As you might be able to tell I aim to post everyday, apologies for nothing being published yesterday! x

I absolutely love tea tree and what it does to the skin, it smells and feels so refreshing! Today is my day off, I've made myself a mug of green tea, put on the face mask that's featured in this post today and I've got my blogging fingers at the ready!

Montagne Jeunesse - Pore Cleansing Fabric Facial
If you're in the UK you might see this brand around in the majority of drugstores and supermarkets. They're a really affordable brand with great facial pay offs! (especially if you're on a budget!) This brand make face masks of all varieties - peel off, mud, and fabrics - in numerous fruity, sweet, refreshing smells. These masks are all around the £1 mark, usually depending on where you purchase them from. Although they do feature in 3 for 2's and promotions similar to that. 

I enjoy using fabric facial cloths because they really aren't messy - no drips, or messy application/removal! 

The fabric is perfectly soaked in the facial liquid, with appropriate cut outs for your eyes, nose and mouth. You align it with your features and (I like to do this at least!) run your finger tips over the sheet to smooth out and make sure your skin is all covered underneath. Leave on for five minutes or so, remove the cloth, massage your skin with your fingers then wash off the product!

I love using face masks at least a few times a week. These fabric ones, I would happily use once a week around my other face masks. They are so cool and refreshing - it's like a minty kick for my skin to wake up with!

I'd love to know if you use any other branded fabric masks?

On Wednesdays we wash in pink..


Hello everyone! How are we all? I wonder how successful my play on words were for today's blog post? I just wanted to share with you my current shower favourites - that are all packaged in pink! (not intentional, i'm also using up neglected products too!)  Starting from left to right:

Whilst in places like Boots, i've always looked at these two and debated about getting them, but I settled for something different from Herbal Essences. Click here to see my 'April Showers' post which features the ones I decided to purchase. There was no particular reason to buying a new Shampoo and Conditioner so soon, other than I took them to my boyfriends house and left them there :[. Hey Ho! I have new ones to try out! These two leave my hair feeling very soft and silky - I think it really compliments the condition that my hair is in at the moment!

I find the smell of grapefruit cleansers to be so refreshing on the skin! What I love about this product is that it does have tiny tiny beads in it which gently exfoliate the skin on your face without feeling too harsh! I don't use this on a daily basis, even though you definitely could do so! I maybe use it every other face wash? I think I really depends if i'm in the mood to use it aha! Other than that i'd use a normal type of face wash.

I love this product! The smell is just mmm! I'm not one for the overly sweet smelling type of products. This though, is perfectly sweet with a fresh kick of lime! (Nothing like a citrus scent for that clean kind of feeling!). The packaging for this product, yep i'm a sucker for it. I'm always reeled into Soap and Glory's products be it the skin care or makeup, like a fat kid in a cake shop! It's all so feminine and pretty - ah! :)

Okay, I can't find a specific link for that product because the lotion came as part of a giftset I got a while back, I don't think its sold separately, or it's just a gifting edition. I love the smell of this perfume, so why not have it infused in a body lotion! I'm trying to be better with skin care when it comes to the rest of my body. I have so many body butters and lotions piling up from where I buy them and never really use them - times are a changing and I will have silky smooth legs and elbows! haha!

Looking a little pale (like me)?


We'll if you're on a budget and can't exactly escape to anywhere that's warmer and sunnier than good ol' England. You might want to give this a try. It's from the Natural Collection in Boot's makeup range. This brand is perfect for those beginning with makeup, because it's really girly and affordable. It's still great though for those unknown but surprisingly awesome products too!

Here I picked up the Natural Collection Sun Tint Bronzing Pearls in the shade Tropical Tan - this one seemed suitable for fair/pale skin tones. 


The pot isn't as big as others you might have seen on the beauty counters, but its certainly big enough for something like the Powder Brush from Real Techniques. Even though these are 'bronzing' pearls, this one definitely has more of a rosy glow to it rather than a chocolate brown shimmer. Don't feel like its too scary to try if your fair skinned! 

Why can't I have perfect 'brows..


 I'm sure i'm not the only one that has ever said that. I mean, why can't I just wake up one day with gorgeous brows like Cara Delevingne? Please? Okay, If that really did happen, i'd be a little thrown off guard when I catch first glimpse of my reflection in the mirror! I'm one of those that needs to fill in their eyebrows, I wouldn't say that I necessarily over-plucked when I was younger. I just do have thinner eyebrows. (I find this blissful in a way though, because I don't really get hairy legs either - mwahaaa). 

I used to use the L'Oreal Brow Artist pencil in 04 Dark Brunette. This was the perfect shade for me, but coming close to the end of the pencil, I thought it was best to look for a new one! I've tried different methods of filling in brows in the past.. pencil, eyeshadows, etc.. I think I get bored too easily of the products I use. I don't think I have a favourite so far! 

On one of my previous Superdrug MUA cosmetic counter visit's I picked up this little eyebrow kits. I'm sure you've seen a brow kit before, usually consists of different shades of brown, and a wax of some sort to keep it all in place. This is the Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit by MUA. 

You get a dark brown, and a medium brown shadow for filling the brows. Then more of a peach-toned shadow to highlight the brow bone. I find the colour is a little too dark for me (I'm quite pale!) so I probably wont use that one at all. It's not all doom and gloom though! The price of this was only £3.50 - good value for money! I've previously been tempted by other brow kits in the past, ones from Benefit Cosmetics for example. Yet, for the price those ones are, I don't think i'd use them to its fullest potential. 

The packaging feels quite neat. Not too cheap, but does have a nice feel to it! Inside alongside the shadows, there is quite a big mirror - super handbag friendly if you're the kind of person who takes this kind of makeup out and about on your travels!

Just to show you what else i'm currently using on my eyebrows. (I dont fill my eyebrows in thickly with the brow kit). I use the Eylure Shape and Shade Pencil in the shade Dark to Medium Brunette. Then the Maybelline Brow Drama mascara in dark brown. 

For those of you out there that have naturally gorgeous eyebrows, I don't envy you at all... *sarcasm* (I do!)

Fade To Black ~


I promised myself when going to Boots today that I was only going to go in there to get my 'meal deal'. I did so well, I picked up my innocent super smoothie, sushi and snack. Walking towards the exit of the store near where I work, I pass all the premium makeup counters. Ah I did so well.. right up until I passed Smashbox. They had an ever so tiny sale on some of their products. Such a small sale that I didn't even notice it walking into the store! 

I picked up the Smashbox palette called 'Fade To Black' in the palette shade of 'fade in'. It's a real pretty metallic pink and black box! Click here to see the collection! There's two palettes to this collection, but considering I should be on a spending ban... I picked the one I thought suited me best!

RRP: £32
I got it for £16! Bargain! How could I not purchase this?! 

(Scroll on down for photos!)

It's a shame that these shades don't have names, just numbers to them. They're all such pretty colours, I bet they'd have quirky names! *sigh*

I'll be sure to do another blog post at a later date perhaps alongside a review or even makeup look perhaps?

Have any of you snapped up some great bargains recently?

A-DERMA ~ Product review


I'm sure like many other people, there are times I love my skin, other times I detest it! On the odd occasion I suffer with very very dry skin on my cheeks and across my forehead - feeling almost like chapped skin even. Considering that my usual skin type is pretty much normal - just a little sensitive around my eyes. Having this issue on a once in a while basis, is nothing I ever look forward to. 

Unfortunately this kind of chapped skin literally means I cannot wear any makeup on the chapped/extra dry area. No foundation or pressed powder will sit right - only resulting in making my skin look like an awful mess! Being a typical girl, when this kind of thing happens I begin to stress (no, not about my makeup. Only the fact that my skin is behaving so unnaturally), which usually results in my skin not showing any signs of a speedy recovery back to its normally hydrated self.

I went on the hunt in Boots for a product that could 'fix my problem' and came across this product. It's called A-DERMA Skin Care Cream. I had a little background research into the product to see if this product was really what I needed. Seeing that it was fragrance free and paraben free was a great start. The Ingredients: Rhealba Oat Milk - Soothes and softens the skin. Vaseline/Glycerin complex - Helps to restore the skins natural protective barrier, moisturises and nourishes. Alpha-bisbolol - Soothes the skin. 

The consistency of this product is that its quite thick as it leaves the tube. I tend to put a pea-sized amount on both cheeks and neck, and a small pea-sized amount on my forehead, then massage that in my skin with circular motions until the product feels as if its almost fully absorbed. 

This stuff works wonders. Although for £6.25 you do only get 50ml, this really goes a long way. I only tend to use it in the evenings to really let it soak in overnight without the worry of makeup (especially foundation) not sitting on it properly. I can imagine it might slip and slide - not that anyone wants that! Saying that though, the following morning when using a different moisturiser (preferably a light day cream) I find my makeup sits really well and my skin looks very hydrated. 

Even though I purchased this from Boots I'm struggling to find the specific link to the product. This can also be purchased in pharmacies not just drug stores that supply this brand. Click here to find your closest seller of this product. Do try your local Boots store though!

I hope this helps anyone with skin issues similar to what I suffer from on the occasional time! I'd love to know what you think!

Zesty Lime and Fig


I stumbled across this candle jar whilst I was aimlessly walking around Tesco's looking at things I don't need, aha it's a terrible habit of mine! Remembering that my current Yankee candle jar was burning low, I decided it was worth looking for a new candle jar. I do enjoy the smell of Yankee Candles, but sometimes the smells can be so strong and overwhelming. I found this..

'Zesty Lime and Fig' 20oz candle jar - £5

What a bargain! To top it off aswell, the smell is just lovely, and perfectly fruity. I'm not the biggest fan of sugary and strong sweet scented candles. I'll also mention - my favourite colour is green, so this definitely feels like a win, win, win! 

Have a lovely evening! x

April Favourites ~

I can't believe it's May already! (I'm pretty sure I say this for every month when it comes around aha!) So now April has passed us, i'm going to jump right on the bandwagon and do my 'April Favourites' post! 

MAC - Please Me 
 I love the consistancy and staying power of this lipstick! I believe it was the second MAC lipstick I had ever purchased. It's a love matte pink colour, perfect to keep casual or wear a dramatic eye to compliment the look! 

Lush - Tea Tree Toner Water
Without a doubt I have definitely reached out for this product on a daily basis. I use it everyday in my skin routine! Cleanse my skin, then after I spritz this all over my face and let it soak in. It absorbs very quickly and feels incredibly refreshing. Hey, it even have the bonus of tea tree - battle away those red spots - and keep them away!

Sanctuary Spa - Blemish serum
This stuff is magical! Other than using the good ol' tea tree oil on my blemishes and spots, I reach out for this. I purchased it a while back on a typical Boots 3 for 2 promo, so unfortunately I don't remember the pricing exactly. But I believe its still being sold there - just look in the facial skin cleansing isle! Rather than rubbing this in like a usual serum to the face. I put the tiniest 'blob' on the red area, and just leave it. This is easier to do in the night time, then you can just let it soak in!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
This. Is. My. Favourite way of putting on my MAC liquid foundation. Without a doubt! Admittedly I purchased this on a whim, not expecting much from it (even though I love the Real Techniques brushes! Thanks Sam and Nic!) It puts on my foundation and blends it in perfectly. I even use the pointy corner to apply foundation and concealer around my nose, and then the flat side to conceal my under-eye baggage! I totally recommend this to anyone who is still undecided on how to apply their makeup.. fingers, brushes, sponges... or this!

Another thing i've been loving this month.. it's not my face - hahaa i'm not that vain! It's this makeup style more than anything. Simplistic pretty nudes and pinks. Not that you can clearly tell from this picture - I have been using (and loving!!) the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette to create those pretty eye shadow looks. I've been using new products recently for my eyebrows. I'd love to have thicker ones! Its a mixture between the Eyelure eyebrow pencil, and the MUA Cosmetics eyebrow kit. - Both of these will have a blog post about them coming up very soon! To finish off the look, I use MAC cremesheen lipgloss in Just Superb. Well I hope you like my current spring look! This post too! I'd love to read about what you'vc been loving! Leave me your links below! xx

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