The first blog post is always the most awkward to title..


Hi guys! 
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kate, and I love all things beauty, health, fashion and photography related! I've always pondered on the idea of making a blog or a Youtube account, just to publish my thoughts and findings. I never really got around to it though - but now I've hyped myself up and i'm excited to see where this will take me! 

I have an instagram account which is where I post the usual instagram-like photos and also a Flickr account - I enjoy photography and studied it at school. After having a little break from it i've decided to get back into it and show of all that I capture!

Speak soon!


  1. Looking great so far :D I cannot find anywhere to follow you! :( xx

    1. I'll change my blog layout - I can't find it either!! x


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