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Afternoon! How are we all? 
So this post will be about the Dove hair therapy - express treatment conditioner. I'll admittedly put both hands up saying that I have not been the kindest to my hair in the past.. I've put it through all kinds of torture with heat, bleach, excessive colouring, crimping.. pretty much the works! My last hair 'accident' shall we say was pretty much the wake up call for me to take better care of my hair. 

Naturally my hair is a dark brown, very thick, and curly (not ringlets!), so my decision of going blonde last year was definitely thought over before doing so. I went ahead with it and had it done professionally in a salon. My mistake was doing it myself when my roots appeared. It was like a hair horror story! I immediately dyed my hair dark again and literally have not touched it since! Luckily (I suppose) ombre hair came into fashion. So I was able to 'blag' that my seriously over-grown roots were actually part of the dip-dye trend.  

Now I really want my hair to remain natural, healthy and nourished! So recently I had purchased this product from Boots. I believe it was around the £3-£4 mark. I've not used other Dove hair care product before - but I have heard good things!

This treatment conditioner has two parts to it (combined). There's the 'gold stripe' which is the treatment. Consisting of Argan Oil and Weightless Nutri-Oils, it's said to deeply nourish and replenishes essential nutrients to smooth out your hair. Then there is the 'white stripe', this is the conditioner "that seals cuticles to lock in nourishment".

I think this product is brilliant! It suggests to use this each time you wash your hair instead of your usual conditioner. Yet typical me, not following the instructions fully.. I used it my way! I use my usual shampoo and conditioner, then every other wash I use this just on the middle and ends of my hair. Massaging it in and then leaving it for a few minutes before washing out. I'd feel washing my hair with any kind of treatment every time will adjust my hair, to the extent my hair will expect that level of deep treatment every time. I don't want to end up making my hair extra dry or oily!

Have any of you used this before? What do you think of it? Is there a treatment you're currently using that works for you that you would recommend?


  1. let me know how it goes! I have long hair and it is so hard to keep it smooth, nourished and split end free !

    1. So far I love it Roma! My hair feels so soft after I've washed it! I reckon it'll be great for your hair! I believe there was 1 or 2 other types of treatments in this dove range? I can't remember what they are, coloured hair types seems to ring a bell! ☺

  2. My hair has very nearly recovered from all the dye over the years, the red dye and the chemical stripping (finally back to my natural colour now 1.5 years after stripping it!).

    I have a nightmare keeping my hair nourished and soft.. was this good? If so I am definitely going to try it :-) xx

    1. Aww man, sounds like both of us needed to give our hair some tlc! Yep I really recommend it! xx


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