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I've had this palette for a while, so now i'm finally going to shout about it. Admittedly MUA used to be the type of makeup brand i'd see in Superdrug and just walk past. I'm not quite sure what it was that made me overlook the brand, I enjoy drugstore makeup - did I think the MUA makeup was just too cheap? I'm happy to say that even though their products are cheap - the payoff is great!

A while back whilst reading Michelle's blog @ Daisybutter she wrote about the Fashionista palettes by MUA. I wanted to explore this myself. It was perfect, you could make your own eyeshadow/blusher palettes. The images below are of the one I created. 

It was a few months back when I got the palette, but I think the whole thing cost £6/£7 to make? I think that's definitely worth the price! The colour payoff is great, a little really does go a long way, they stay on as well for the majority of the day too. 

Top left: London ~ Top right: Blushing Coral (shade 5)
Bottom left: Glowing (shade 11) ~ Bottom right: Amber Glow (shade 4)

From top ~ Blushing Coral, London, Glowing, and Amber Glow
I've tried finding the link to give you guys, but it looks like Fashionista aren't about anymore. So why not check out the MUA website instead? 

Have you guys ever been surprised by a brand you've previously over-looked?

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