*looks around the room awkwardly....*


Hello, i'm still here! I do feel guilty for not having posted anything in s couple of days - I really wanted to keep on top of having at least 1 post a day! Anyway, i'm back! How are we all? 

My boyfriend has come home for the long weekend, so i've been spending my time with him (around work), which has unfortunately left this blog a little neglected! I'm happy he's back down south (excuse the soppy words!) I really miss him whilst he is away in Scotland! When we do see each other though, it feels that extra bit special because of the long distance between us ♥. 

I'm back now, getting all my blog post ideas in the mix, and they'll be on your feeds very soon!
Currently i'm tucking into a gingerbread bunny and enjoying a good cup of coffee!

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