Flickr-ing candle light ~


How are we all my lovelies? I love cosying up in the evening with candles lit up making the corners of my room glow. Having my laptop to hand whilst snuggled up under the duvet and exploring the world of Flickr. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Flickr is an online portfolio website in which people can display their work (photography, art, video..) to display to the public, or to remain private for their own personal viewing. I have a Flickr account myself to show my photography work off with - my account is public, i'd love it if you wandered over there and had a look? 

I studied photography in school, yet didn't carry on my interest and passion onto a higher education (university). After almost a year, I picked up my camera and its accessories and got back into what I love most! I'd like to write blog posts in the future about my most recent photoshoot's I have done - writing about the ideas behind the shoot, the inspiration, the final work.

Do you have a Flickr? Comment below with your URL for it - I'd love to look!


  1. That candle looks lovely! I'm a sucker for feeling "cosey" in the evenings, especially when it is raining outside :) xx


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