Chicken Salsa with Quinoa


Hello everybody! 
So in today's post I wanted to share with you a recipe that I have been loving lately, its nice and healthy and filling! I had found the original recipe on my lunch break at work whilst surfing the web, whilst trying to find things that cook well with quinoa. This is an adapted version with extra veggies and flavours! Of course if you are a vegetarian this meal is still super yummy without chicken! Cooking time for this is about 30 mins (including prep!)

The ingredients

Chicken breast - 1 red onion - baby corn - mangetout peas - 1 jar of mild salsa - quinoa - (a little extra I wanted to add this time was milled flaxseed)

The oringal recipe uses american measurements so for my own version I just used my common sense. If I wanted more/less of one thing - that's what I did!

  1. So to start with, I put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil into a pan and put the heat on. (It's also handy to boil some water in a kettle for the quinoa at a later stage).
  2. Cut up the chicken into sizes of your choice - sizing doesn't matter! Then put in the hot oil to begin cooking. Do feel free to season according to your own taste! In this case I used a pinch of salt, pepper, and mixed italian herbs. 
  3. Whilst the chicken is cooking, chop up the onion into chunks. Chop the baby corn into 3 and the mangetout peas in half. Once the chicken turning golden and is cooked right through, add the vegetables to the pan. 
  4. At this point have your boiled water at the ready, and add half a mug (or more!) of the quinoa into a smaller pan, then fill with the boiling water - only until all the quinoa is covered! Have that boil away uncovered (just to keep an eye on it).
  5. Turn down the heat of the chicken that's cooking. If it looks a little dry in the pan, add a small splash of water and then cover with a lid. 
  6. After checking how cooked the vegetables are, add the jar of mild salsa into the pan and give it a stir. Cover with the lid again. 
  7. The quinoa shouldn't take long before the water is bubbling away and there isn't much water left in the small pan. At this stage I recommend you take the pan off the heat, and cover up with a lid (or if you don't have one to hand, a small plate over the top will do!) Leave the quinoa to absorb the remaining water for a few minutes. 
  8. Finally once that has been absorbed, mix the quinoa in with the chicken and vegetables. 
Viola! Your chicken salsa!

I enjoy making this in small packed lunch boxes for my dinners at work. If you wanted to try something different with this... brown rice is a great alternative to quinoa. Of course you can add your own vegetables too! 

I hope you like this dish as much as I do. It would be great to hear any healthy recipes you guys like - or even what you think of this one!


  1. Nom Nom this looks delicious! Will definitely try making this! :D


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