Cheeky MUA purchases!


I couldn't resist temptation! I was reading over my previous post about my MUA Fashionista blush palette, it just so tempted me to pop into my local Superdrug and have a browse at their current selection of MUA. For those of you that aren't familiar with MUA Cosmetics, you can find their products here and here

I can't believe how greatly priced these products are! I purchased the MUA Eyeshadow Palette Undress Me Too for £4 and the Mosaic Blusher in the shade English Rose for the bargain price of £2.50!

Undress Me Too palette
Who doesn't love a nude eyeshadow palette? They'll always be a favourite of mine to own! This palette consists of 3 matte shades Naked (top left), Lavish (second in on the top right), and Corrupt (bottom right) and 9 metallic shimmer shades (remaining shades from top left to bottom right) Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Dreamy, Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, and Obsessed. 

For £4, this palette is great value for money. The shimmer shades have a great colour pay off, whereas the matte shades (other than the black!) need a little build up on layers if you want that opaque shading. Admittedly I don't use the sponge applicator brush that the palette comes with. I much prefer to use my Real Techniques brushes in stead!

Mosaic Blush - English Rose (shade 3)
I'm getting into my pink blushes again this spring, and this was too pretty to ignore! It features lilacs, light pink, coral and a rosey pink. This isn't too shimmery either! I'm not the biggest fan of overly sparkly/glittery makeup on myself, but this gives you a nice rosy glow!

I can't believe I walk past MUA Cosmetics so regularly whilst in Superdrug. After seeing their palettes and blushers for such great prices, i'll certainly keep them on my shopping list to explore next time I'm nearby the collections!

Have you been impressed by anything MUA?


  1. I have to try this brand! It looks so good and £4 for that whole palette?!

    Can you do a post at some point in the near future showing me some looks with nude colour shadows? I can never get them to work for me! :(

    The blusher looks so pretty, I would be too scared to use it :P One thing though does the purple not show on your skin? xx

    1. Yeah they have a whole range of palettes - all around that £4! So good! I will try and do a post - i'd love to get some makeup looks posted!
      Thats what I thought about the blusher when I first used it.. but it just shoes up as this lovely subtle pink - the purple gives it a very faint shimmer! you should try it! They had two others in their mosaic blush collection xx

  2. MUA is fantastic! I wanted this palette but I went for the Heaven and Earth instead and loved it that much I never got around to buying this one. The prices of their products are a steal! I'm hoping to make the most of it before they get way too mainstream and hike their prices up (Collection 2000 style). You have a wonderful blog here, are you new? :) Welcome.

    Lilie. Mint Candy Lilies

    1. Ooh I might just have to check out Heaven and Earth! I know, I might have to stock up on all their goodies and be prepared for the price pump!
      Aww thank you! Just had a look at yours, i'm now following! x


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