That Next perfume..


I've never really been the kind of girl that has a ridiculous amount of perfume bottles sitting there on display - each to their own! haha. Even though i'm not a big perfume collector, I do enjoy a select few perfumes. These particular ones caught my eye when browsing through Next on different occasions. Who knew they sold such lovely smelling perfumes?!

Okay okay, so sometimes spending less on a fragrance - you expect it to be of a poorer quality. I do not believe this is the case at all for the range of perfumes in Next! For a mere £12 for a 100ml bottle of the 'good-stuff' how can you resist?!

L'eau Rose was the first bottle I picked up. It's a light floral frange, perfect for everyday daytime wear! Such a simplistic pink bottle too!

The second  purchase was Eau Nude which once again was £12 for a 100ml bottle. This is more of s seductive evening smell, something definitely wearable on many ocassions! The Bottle of Eau Nude caught my eye, I love the cute button and ribbon!

Have you purchased any lower priced perfumes that have reached out to be a favourite of your collection? 

Cheeky MUA purchases!


I couldn't resist temptation! I was reading over my previous post about my MUA Fashionista blush palette, it just so tempted me to pop into my local Superdrug and have a browse at their current selection of MUA. For those of you that aren't familiar with MUA Cosmetics, you can find their products here and here

I can't believe how greatly priced these products are! I purchased the MUA Eyeshadow Palette Undress Me Too for £4 and the Mosaic Blusher in the shade English Rose for the bargain price of £2.50!

Undress Me Too palette
Who doesn't love a nude eyeshadow palette? They'll always be a favourite of mine to own! This palette consists of 3 matte shades Naked (top left), Lavish (second in on the top right), and Corrupt (bottom right) and 9 metallic shimmer shades (remaining shades from top left to bottom right) Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Dreamy, Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, and Obsessed. 

For £4, this palette is great value for money. The shimmer shades have a great colour pay off, whereas the matte shades (other than the black!) need a little build up on layers if you want that opaque shading. Admittedly I don't use the sponge applicator brush that the palette comes with. I much prefer to use my Real Techniques brushes in stead!

Mosaic Blush - English Rose (shade 3)
I'm getting into my pink blushes again this spring, and this was too pretty to ignore! It features lilacs, light pink, coral and a rosey pink. This isn't too shimmery either! I'm not the biggest fan of overly sparkly/glittery makeup on myself, but this gives you a nice rosy glow!

I can't believe I walk past MUA Cosmetics so regularly whilst in Superdrug. After seeing their palettes and blushers for such great prices, i'll certainly keep them on my shopping list to explore next time I'm nearby the collections!

Have you been impressed by anything MUA?

My 'Go-To' makeup remover right now!


Evening everyone! Around about this time on a usual evening, it's time to remove the 'day face' and take off all the makeup! I'm usually complimented for my clear skin (totally do not want to sound like i'm bragging!) and I must say removing your makeup before you go to sleep is absolute key to keeping those spots and zits away! 

I sometimes struggle to find a makeup remover that's as skin friendly as the one i'm writing about today. I tend to find some of them sting my eyes quite badly, also leaving areas like my cheeks pink and feeling quite raw *sobs*.

I cannot praise this stuff enough! Its the Garnier Micellar Cleasning Water. Pour a little bit of this onto a cotton pad and wipe all over your face. It's great at removing general makeup - but for those stubborn areas like eyeliner or lipstick, I like to soak a cotton pad with this cleanser, and leave on the area for a few seconds for it to start breaking down the makeup. 

You can easily find this product in many drugstores in the facial cleansing isle. Currently at the moment its on offer in Boots, the usual price is £4.99 - currently £2.99! Click here to see the product and offer!

I'll always reach out for this product in my evening skin routine (or when i'm removing my makeup on other occasions) I can't recommend it enough!

~ TOPSHOP wishlist #1


I'm really loving a lot of the stuff thats in TOPSHOP at the moment! These are just a few things that are on my current wishlist! I'm the typical type of girl that wants more clothes than I could probably store - which can be an expensive habit! But I know i'm not the only one ;)

I've actually been eyeing up the Daisy Tee now for a little while. Trying to resist that temptation of purchasing it on my lunch break when i'm at work! What the hey, I might treat myself on payday! (hehe)

What's on your wishlist at the moment? I'd love to see!

MAC ~ Oh Lorde!

Ah! How have I only just seen this?
It's the MAC Lorde campaign which is due to be on sale on June 5th. My excitement has gone a little crazy considering i'm sitting here staring at my laptop screen right now grinning like a loser. 

I really do like Lorde's fashion and style. Dark lips, pale skin, long (gorgeous) curly hair, ah i'm probably sounding like a right fan girl right now! 

The limited edition collection will be a small one, it's an eyeliner and a lipstick. The perfect tools to recreate her iconic look. I've fallen in love with the lipstick. From what i have seen in pictures, its a beautiful dark purple lipstick, named after her album 'Pure Heroine'. If you've been around me since I noticed this announcement - you might have only heard me talk about this a 'couple of times' - okay... maybe more than that!! It's definitely on my wish-list - I want this so bad! 

I do enjoy it when MAC release limited edition collections, my excitement goes a little crazy! I remember reading a little while back about there being a collaboration with Kelly Osborne later this year too?! ahhhhh I want all the lipsticks!

Whats your favourite MAC collaboration? Do you have any of the limited edition lipsticks?

*looks around the room awkwardly....*


Hello, i'm still here! I do feel guilty for not having posted anything in s couple of days - I really wanted to keep on top of having at least 1 post a day! Anyway, i'm back! How are we all? 

My boyfriend has come home for the long weekend, so i've been spending my time with him (around work), which has unfortunately left this blog a little neglected! I'm happy he's back down south (excuse the soppy words!) I really miss him whilst he is away in Scotland! When we do see each other though, it feels that extra bit special because of the long distance between us ♥. 

I'm back now, getting all my blog post ideas in the mix, and they'll be on your feeds very soon!
Currently i'm tucking into a gingerbread bunny and enjoying a good cup of coffee!

Flickr-ing candle light ~


How are we all my lovelies? I love cosying up in the evening with candles lit up making the corners of my room glow. Having my laptop to hand whilst snuggled up under the duvet and exploring the world of Flickr. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Flickr is an online portfolio website in which people can display their work (photography, art, video..) to display to the public, or to remain private for their own personal viewing. I have a Flickr account myself to show my photography work off with - my account is public, i'd love it if you wandered over there and had a look? 

I studied photography in school, yet didn't carry on my interest and passion onto a higher education (university). After almost a year, I picked up my camera and its accessories and got back into what I love most! I'd like to write blog posts in the future about my most recent photoshoot's I have done - writing about the ideas behind the shoot, the inspiration, the final work.

Do you have a Flickr? Comment below with your URL for it - I'd love to look!

3 little treats..

Once again, I intend on going to Boots whilst on my lunch break at work and I end up leaving with a few more unexpected treats! Is it the Boots 3 for 2 offer that draws me in? It baffles me - but i'm happy nonetheless!

I do love a cheeky boots spree!
1. Maxfactor False Lash Effect (black) ~ Full lashes, Natural look Mascara.

2. Bourjois eyeshadow ~ No. 05.

3. Maxfactor Wild Shadow Pots ~ No. 25 Savage Rose.

I've very recently pondered on the idea of replacing my current mascara and after a good stare at the mascara selection in Boots, I think I made a good choice! I do believe in some cases that you get what you pay for. So I don't mind spending that little bit more to get more out of the product. I'm dissapointed in my Smashbox Hyperlash mascara - a review will be coming along very soon! 

I can't wait to try these out! I've done sneaky little swatches already of the shadows, but I want to try them out together in a pretty eye look! (I'm sure photos will follow! ;) )

Have you made any good 3 for 2 buys recently?

Return of the MAC


Hey everyone! First of all, apologies for the title aha! If you haven't guessed this one is MAC related!
I'm a big fan of MAC makeup, they're the first brand I've found that make a foundation that is perfect for my skin type and super pale shade! I'll talk about that in a blog post at a later date ;)

Today I've been wearing Razzle Dazzler. A lovely coral colour following suitably for this spring makeup trend. I find it hard to find coral coloured lipsticks that aren't too orange resulting in my pale skin tone looking washed out! The colour though is just lovely!

My preference of MAC Lipsticks is matte, this one though is Lustre. I think it's a lovely type of lipstick, not as drying at matte, but the colour pay off throughout the day is great!

April Showers!


Sorry for the later post this evening! Been a little busy - but i'm here now! 
The title of this post is a pretty big giveaway.. yep, I want to show you my current favourites in my shower routine! 

From left to right: Sanctuary Exfoliating Pore Refiner, L'oreal Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash, Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner, and Dove Hair Therapy.
Do any of you guys shampoo twice? I read it somewhere previously and it claimed to really clean your hair. First time the shampoo removes the product build up, then the second it really bubbles up and cleans up the rest of your hair! My hair really does feel cleaner shampooing twice! At the moment i'm really loving the Herbal Essences Sensuously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (recommended for dry and damaged hair). I'm also a sucker for the old packaging! These are easily found in drugstores like Boots.

The label for these certainly caught my attention... "Ginger, cinnamon, and banana fruit extracts". I'm not the biggest fan of strong cinnamon smells, but this is a perfect smell of sweet and fruity!

Every other wash I enjoy using the Dove Hair Therapy hair treatment, it really seals the ends and leaves them feeling nourished! See my previous post on the product review !

For my face, I find nothing feels quite better than clean skin! I've tried many facial exfoliators in the past, I've found that some can be quite aggressive to my skin. I like to use the Sanctuary Exfoliating Pore Refiner maybe every other one or two washes to my skin. "popular with woman of all skin types, but especially those with oily or combination skin". You really only need a pea-size amount to rub into the skin, a little goes a long way! I think this product has really helped the pores in the center of my face! I believe this product is around the £7-£9 mark.

L'oreal Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash is great for a quick follow up cleanse to remove any makeup products remaining on my skin!

I'm usually chopping and changing up my cleansing products because I get "bored" easily.. What do you guys recommend?

MUA Fashionista ~


I've had this palette for a while, so now i'm finally going to shout about it. Admittedly MUA used to be the type of makeup brand i'd see in Superdrug and just walk past. I'm not quite sure what it was that made me overlook the brand, I enjoy drugstore makeup - did I think the MUA makeup was just too cheap? I'm happy to say that even though their products are cheap - the payoff is great!

A while back whilst reading Michelle's blog @ Daisybutter she wrote about the Fashionista palettes by MUA. I wanted to explore this myself. It was perfect, you could make your own eyeshadow/blusher palettes. The images below are of the one I created. 

It was a few months back when I got the palette, but I think the whole thing cost £6/£7 to make? I think that's definitely worth the price! The colour payoff is great, a little really does go a long way, they stay on as well for the majority of the day too. 

Top left: London ~ Top right: Blushing Coral (shade 5)
Bottom left: Glowing (shade 11) ~ Bottom right: Amber Glow (shade 4)

From top ~ Blushing Coral, London, Glowing, and Amber Glow
I've tried finding the link to give you guys, but it looks like Fashionista aren't about anymore. So why not check out the MUA website instead? 

Have you guys ever been surprised by a brand you've previously over-looked?

Up All Night

This post feels a little random - but what the hey this is my blog about my lifestyle! Ever since I had heard Alex Clare's first chart single 'Too Close', I instantly liked his album 'Lateness of the Hour' - one immediate favourite from the album is the song callled 'Up All Night'. If you haven't listened to his album - I totally recommend it! 

I am so excited to see his performance in November with my friend Roma, we've both been waiting sooo long to see him sing! I'm excited! The album has a variety of songs so you don't feel like you're listening to the same thing throughout the tracks. Are any of you Alex Clare fans?

Review ~ Dove hair therapy


Afternoon! How are we all? 
So this post will be about the Dove hair therapy - express treatment conditioner. I'll admittedly put both hands up saying that I have not been the kindest to my hair in the past.. I've put it through all kinds of torture with heat, bleach, excessive colouring, crimping.. pretty much the works! My last hair 'accident' shall we say was pretty much the wake up call for me to take better care of my hair. 

Naturally my hair is a dark brown, very thick, and curly (not ringlets!), so my decision of going blonde last year was definitely thought over before doing so. I went ahead with it and had it done professionally in a salon. My mistake was doing it myself when my roots appeared. It was like a hair horror story! I immediately dyed my hair dark again and literally have not touched it since! Luckily (I suppose) ombre hair came into fashion. So I was able to 'blag' that my seriously over-grown roots were actually part of the dip-dye trend.  

Now I really want my hair to remain natural, healthy and nourished! So recently I had purchased this product from Boots. I believe it was around the £3-£4 mark. I've not used other Dove hair care product before - but I have heard good things!

This treatment conditioner has two parts to it (combined). There's the 'gold stripe' which is the treatment. Consisting of Argan Oil and Weightless Nutri-Oils, it's said to deeply nourish and replenishes essential nutrients to smooth out your hair. Then there is the 'white stripe', this is the conditioner "that seals cuticles to lock in nourishment".

I think this product is brilliant! It suggests to use this each time you wash your hair instead of your usual conditioner. Yet typical me, not following the instructions fully.. I used it my way! I use my usual shampoo and conditioner, then every other wash I use this just on the middle and ends of my hair. Massaging it in and then leaving it for a few minutes before washing out. I'd feel washing my hair with any kind of treatment every time will adjust my hair, to the extent my hair will expect that level of deep treatment every time. I don't want to end up making my hair extra dry or oily!

Have any of you used this before? What do you think of it? Is there a treatment you're currently using that works for you that you would recommend?

Face Masks ~ Lush 'Stuff'!


I'm a sucker for a good face mask, and even more of a sucker for a Lush shop!
Over a reasonable period of time i've been trying different Lush face masks with the intention of deciding which one will be my all time favourite. I just want to throw it out there, my skin type is mainly normal, and on the odd occasion it can get a tiny bit dry in areas - but not enough to call it anything different from normal. During early teenage years my skin used to be on the sensitive side, and over time (I guess using the suitable products and caring for my skin properly) my sensitivity improved and I can now use products that aren't harsh on sensitive skin. 

I think I'll start from my least favourite and work my way to the 'go-to' pick each time!
Just as a disclaimer, although some of these didnt work well for my skin type, there is nothing to say its not effective on someone else's skin! I generally enjoy all Lush products!

I liked the idea of this mask once having looked at the ingredients. Seaweed, ground almonds, aloe vera, rose absolute, and rosemary oil. Sadly, I felt quite disappointed in this one. (I do have a naughty habit of not putting these in the fridge, but I do keep them in a cold place.) I didn't particularly like the smell. I'm aware that fresh face masks aren't going to smell super sugary and sweet all the time, but this I didn't enjoy having it on my face. I only got to use this product once, so I do feel like its not necessarily had its fair trial, but what put me off of it was that when I went to use it for the second time, (the only way I can describe it) it looked like cobwebs had formed all over the product. That was unfortunately the end of that mask! 


This is packed with blueberries, the first thing that comes to mind is how good they are for your skin ~ they're full of beneficial vitamins and minerals! This mask feels so soothing to the skin, perfect for the end of a full make up day. I would  happily use this mask again, the only (little!) thing that does bother me would be the chunks of blueberries that are in the sink and do not wash away easily down the sink. 

The Mask of Magnaminty was the first Lush face mask that I purchased. Packed with peppermint this mask is so soothing for troubled skin, and even clearer skin - I would recommend though for those facing spots etc! It smells so clean and fresh and leaves your skin feeling very clean when the face mask is washed off!

Here you see Oatifix, my all time favourite! It feels so nourishing to the skin and smells so yummy! I really do believe that the bananas, oats, and almonds really do make a difference to your skin. A lot of the Lush face masks can be very thick and a little harder to work around the face. I find that if you scoop out some of the mask and put it on the lid with (literally!) a drop or two of warm water, it loosens up the mask a little. I suppose it makes it go further because you're using less directly from the pot! If anyone is ever stuck for their next mask I recommend this one!! 

Lush have a much bigger range of face masks on their websites and in their stores. Why don't you take a look? Do you have a favourite that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

*the images from this post are sourced from the Lush website - these are not my own!*

Revlon Colourstay Shadowlinks - cheeky lunchtime purchase!


Hi guys!
So I needed to make a quick Boots-run on my lunch break today. Those cotton pads that you use to remove makeup vanish so quickly! Whilst on my journey though, I came across the Revlon Colourstay Shadowlinks - like a chubby kid in a cake shop, I was drawn in!

The idea of these links are indeed handy! I think there is nothing worse than buying an eyeshadow palette and not using 1 or 2 of the colours to due not being your taste in shadows. With this you can pick the colours you want, slide them together - and voila! You have your very own customer eye shadow palette. 

Typical Boots '3 for 2' offer made the decision for me when it came to selecting the quantity I wanted! At the  fair price of £2.99 each I thought why not!

(From left to right: 070 Petal - 240 Melon - 060 Taupe)
Boots did have quite a variety of shadows, but I thought these 3 would be the best for me to start with! I'm definitely going through a pinky/nude phase at the moment!

(images above are taken with flash)

All the colours are such pretty satin shades, with a little bit of shimmer and sparkle - i'm not the biggest fan of tons of glitter! Even though I do envy the girls that can rock the sparkled look!

I'm super excited to give these a try and hopefully get a review/make up looks posted on the blog very soon!

If you have any of the colourstay shadows - what are your favourites?

Chicken Salsa with Quinoa


Hello everybody! 
So in today's post I wanted to share with you a recipe that I have been loving lately, its nice and healthy and filling! I had found the original recipe on my lunch break at work whilst surfing the web, whilst trying to find things that cook well with quinoa. This is an adapted version with extra veggies and flavours! Of course if you are a vegetarian this meal is still super yummy without chicken! Cooking time for this is about 30 mins (including prep!)

The ingredients

Chicken breast - 1 red onion - baby corn - mangetout peas - 1 jar of mild salsa - quinoa - (a little extra I wanted to add this time was milled flaxseed)

The oringal recipe uses american measurements so for my own version I just used my common sense. If I wanted more/less of one thing - that's what I did!

  1. So to start with, I put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil into a pan and put the heat on. (It's also handy to boil some water in a kettle for the quinoa at a later stage).
  2. Cut up the chicken into sizes of your choice - sizing doesn't matter! Then put in the hot oil to begin cooking. Do feel free to season according to your own taste! In this case I used a pinch of salt, pepper, and mixed italian herbs. 
  3. Whilst the chicken is cooking, chop up the onion into chunks. Chop the baby corn into 3 and the mangetout peas in half. Once the chicken turning golden and is cooked right through, add the vegetables to the pan. 
  4. At this point have your boiled water at the ready, and add half a mug (or more!) of the quinoa into a smaller pan, then fill with the boiling water - only until all the quinoa is covered! Have that boil away uncovered (just to keep an eye on it).
  5. Turn down the heat of the chicken that's cooking. If it looks a little dry in the pan, add a small splash of water and then cover with a lid. 
  6. After checking how cooked the vegetables are, add the jar of mild salsa into the pan and give it a stir. Cover with the lid again. 
  7. The quinoa shouldn't take long before the water is bubbling away and there isn't much water left in the small pan. At this stage I recommend you take the pan off the heat, and cover up with a lid (or if you don't have one to hand, a small plate over the top will do!) Leave the quinoa to absorb the remaining water for a few minutes. 
  8. Finally once that has been absorbed, mix the quinoa in with the chicken and vegetables. 
Viola! Your chicken salsa!

I enjoy making this in small packed lunch boxes for my dinners at work. If you wanted to try something different with this... brown rice is a great alternative to quinoa. Of course you can add your own vegetables too! 

I hope you like this dish as much as I do. It would be great to hear any healthy recipes you guys like - or even what you think of this one!

The first blog post is always the most awkward to title..


Hi guys! 
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kate, and I love all things beauty, health, fashion and photography related! I've always pondered on the idea of making a blog or a Youtube account, just to publish my thoughts and findings. I never really got around to it though - but now I've hyped myself up and i'm excited to see where this will take me! 

I have an instagram account which is where I post the usual instagram-like photos and also a Flickr account - I enjoy photography and studied it at school. After having a little break from it i've decided to get back into it and show of all that I capture!

Speak soon!
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